Why Become a Fellow of the PSA

Upgrade to demonstrate your credibility, commitment and track record

Antoinette Dale Henderson and Jackie Barrie, co-presidents of the Fellows’ Community 2024

Join the Top Tier of Professional Speaking

Join the UK’s top tier of professional speakers. Only a small percentage of PSA UK&I members qualify to become Fellows. Our community also includes a few Honorary Fellows and Certified Speaking Professionals™ (CSP).

We’re PSA members who’ve demonstrated our earning capacity and commitment to the profession and the association.

What Fellows Say…

“It helps to build your brand awareness within an important demographic who can help you, recommend you and where you can reciprocate.”

“The fastest acceleration in my business has been since I became a Fellow.”

“Fellowship helps you build your business and grow your reputation.”

“The Fellows forums are gold dust… a great source of inspiration and encouragement. I don’t feel so alone.”

Benefits of Fellowship include…

Display the badge

Impress potential clients by adding the letters FPSA (Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association) after your name and by using the Fellows’ badge on your marketing materials.

Fellows-only conversations

Gain access to a Fellows-only Facebook group and LinkedIn group where you can ask and answer questions and chat with your peers.

Fellows-only events

Be invited to Fellows-only events. These contain valuable content and interaction designed for experienced speakers and trainers, with no showcases or feedback. It’s your chance to enjoy learning, masterminding and networking with like-minded professional speakers, trainers and facilitators, both online and offline.

Lifetime accreditation

Once you’re in, you’re in! You lose the right to call yourself a Fellow if you stop paying your PSA fees or you break the code of ethics, but you won’t get demoted if your income drops below the minimum, for example.

Honorary Fellow

Honorary Fellowship is awarded to speakers who have demonstrated exceptional service to the speaking profession or the PSA. They don’t have to be members of the PSA.

There are currently no formal criteria to become an Honorary Fellow. You can nominate anyone you think qualifies, and the Board decides whether to grant the award.

Attend the NSA’s CSP events 

FPSAs are allowed to attend the NSA’s CSP/CPAE (Certified Speaking Professional™/Council of Peers Award for Excellence) Summit and get access to the CSP/CPAE only sessions at their Influence conventions. At registration, you receive a CSP and/or CPAE ribbon when you pick up your badge (this gives you access to these sessions).

More about CSPs > https://nsaspeaker.org/csp/

Apply for GSF accreditation

If you speak internationally or have global clients (online or on-site), you can apply to be a Global Speaking Fellow (GSF) and further demonstrate your credibility.

More information > https://www.globalspeakersfederation.net/global-speaking-fellow


What next…

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Being a Fellow only costs an extra £50 per year compared with being a Professional Member. That’s less than £1 per day.

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