The PSA Foundation

Supporting Our Speaking Community 

What is the PSA Foundation?

The PSA Foundation is a unique, growing fund providing financial assistance to PSA Fellows, Professional Members and Associates in need. In the shadow of lockdowns, closure of the events industry and the need for speakers to adapt and evolve, the Foundation has become a vital source to our speaking community.

How can it help you?

The primary objective of the PSA Foundation is to support and help members suffering predominantly from financial hardship; and provide a supportive ear. Applications for assistance can be made by an individual, a Regional President on their behalf or simply by a colleague within the community who feels they would benefit from some support.

Asking for help is so important – your first step is to reach out. We are happy to simply talk and provide a confidential ear. If there is a way we can help, we will explore it. You can contact our Foundation Director, Mike Pagan by email here.

What do we cover?

  • Provide a listening ear and helpful connections to people who need it
  • Provision of tickets to virtual and face to face regional meetings or Spring and National Conventions
  • Assistance with annual membership fees
  • Helping members access the right professional advice they need.

What do we not cover?

  • The Foundation is not here to mend, create or develop a broken business model or pay a mortgage
  • We aim to give in the form of advice, event tickets and assistance with fees. We do not provide cash awards, except in extenuating circumstances. 


Get support from the PSA

We’re here to help you. Being part of the PSA community means having access to the resources you need in times of need. Rest assured, all Foundation applications remain entirely confidential.

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You can donate cash, gift a place to a regional meeting or a conference, or provide an auction item that will raise funds at one of our conventions.

On behalf of your fellow members, thank you.

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