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As a professional membership organisation, the PSA supports its members and sets the expectations for those using the services of, or interacting with, our members. The PSA’s Code of Ethics identifies those expectations for members of the speaking profession.

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Elsa Caleb

Associate Member

Within the PSA the members are there for you. They are also dedicated to their craft and they share their skills and experience with you. If you’re a dedicated person and you want to continue to learn, the PSA is for you. I’m an Associate member, surrounded with professionalism and such fantastic people. If you’re running a business, you know you can’t do it alone. Why not come on board with the PSA to enjoy the range of support you can get from other professionals?

Stephen Whitton

Professional Member

I've been member of the PSA for a number of years and it's really in the last couple of years that everything has come to life for me. I put that down to the PSA being inclusive, being diverse and being equal. I've never worked with such a diverse group of people from all walks of life, which is refreshing. They're very inclusive and very welcoming. We're all equal.

Bryony Thomas

PSA Fellow

The PSA is an amazing organisation to be part of. I count it amongst my one of my safest spaces, where I go for support, for learning and for people who I know will help to rise me up. It's an organisation that has helped me in so many ways, both personally and professionally. Come along to one of the regional events or one of the conferences. I know you won’t regret it. I promise you will meet some wonderful people within the association.

Celynn Morin

Professional Member and CSP

If you truly desire to be known as a PROFESSIONAL speaker, then joining the PSA is a no-brainer. It is the primary reason why I am the passionate and proficient speaker that I am today.

Amy Rowlinson

Professional Member

Being part of the PSA has been the most incredible experience. It has brought me so much richness of knowledge. It’s been inclusive in nature and diverse in thought and industry, with access to a huge breadth of expertise. My mission as a Regional President was to share what I've got from the PSA, professionally and personally. Who do you know who could benefit from being a member of this organisation? Reach out to them today and welcome them in.
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With 12 active regions around the UK and Ireland, there will be a community close to you.

Members can attend events in any of the regions. Each region meets monthly, to bring members together for professional development. Keynotes and masterclasses are delivered by our experienced members and Fellows, sharing their knowledge and expertise with other members.

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The PSA foundation

Looking after every community member is central to our values

An essential resource for our speaking community, the PSA Foundation supports speakers experiencing financial difficulties. Applications for assistance can be made by an individual, a Regional President on their behalf or simply by a colleague within the community who feels they would benefit from some support.

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Celebrating success at the PSA

The PSA acknowledges and celebrates members and aspiring speakers at our Annual Convention through several different award categories.

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