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A message from our National President, Chantal Cornelius

At the PSA we’re all about connection.

We work together. We support each other. We’re going places.

If you speak for business, from any stage, to any audience who is there to listen and learn from you, then the PSA is the place for you. Whether you deliver training, workshops or keynotes, online or offline, you’re a speaker and you’re part of our profession.

At the PSA we know how important it is to stand out. Our regional and national events are designed to help you do just this, along with our online communities. You can learn how to stand out through your marketing and sales, helping you to attract the business and the audiences to whom you want to speak. You can be inspired to stand out through the speaking that you deliver, as you strive to be very best speaker that you can be.

Read more about why I’m thrilled to be the PSA National President for 2023-24 and how we can help you to STAND OUT.

THE PSA values

What sets us apart from other organisations?

We value connection

Our members support one another and regularly engage in sharing best business practices and expertise. We acknowledge and embrace the diversity of thought, identity and business model of our membership, knowing this strengthens us all individually and collectively. We welcome new members openly and serve our existing community of members and customers as trusted partners. 

We strive for excellence

Our members act ethically and professionally both within the PSA and when representing the PSA in their work. We take ownership of our continuous development, knowing that this personal growth ensures the professional speaking community is synonymous with high quality and distinction.

We respect one another

Our members collaborate freely and generously, without imposition. In our diverse community, we acknowledge there will be differing experiences, opinions and business models, so we provide and receive feedback with generosity and grace. We act with integrity, open-mindedness and kindness to our PSA community and our customers.

“I joined for the support I could receive in developing my speaking skills and growing my business. I stay for the people.”

Join our community

At the PSA we are proud of the relationships that our members build with each other. They support each other and their businesses. Speaking is a competitive industry and yet they all work together, building a strong community.

Our members

What do our members get from being part of the PSA?

Stephen Whitton

Professional Member

I've been member of the PSA for a number of years and it's really in the last couple of years that everything has come to life for me. I put that down to the PSA being inclusive, being diverse and being equal. I've never worked with such a diverse group of people from all walks of life, which is refreshing. They're very inclusive and very welcoming. We're all equal.

Bryony Thomas

PSA Fellow

The PSA is an amazing organisation to be part of. I count it amongst my one of my safest spaces, where I go for support, for learning and for people who I know will help to rise me up. It's an organisation that has helped me in so many ways, both personally and professionally. Come along to one of the regional events or one of the conferences. I know you won’t regret it. I promise you will meet some wonderful people within the association.

Elsa Caleb

Associate Member

Within the PSA the members are there for you. They are also dedicated to their craft and they share their skills and experience with you. If you’re a dedicated person and you want to continue to learn, the PSA is for you. I’m an Associate member, surrounded with professionalism and such fantastic people. If you’re running a business, you know you can’t do it alone. Why not come on board with the PSA to enjoy the range of support you can get from other professionals?

Amy Rowlinson

Professional Member

Being part of the PSA has been the most incredible experience. It has brought me so much richness of knowledge. It’s been inclusive in nature and diverse in thought and industry, with access to a huge breadth of expertise. My mission as a Regional President was to share what I've got from the PSA, professionally and personally. Who do you know who could benefit from being a member of this organisation? Reach out to them today and welcome them in.
Join the commnunity

Let’s get you connected! Become part of the supportive speaking community you need.

Join the commnunity

Let’s get you connected! Become part of the supportive speaking community you need.