What are Our Values at the PSA?

24th June 2022 | By Jackie Handy

Values represent key elements of great importance across our Association and come to life in everything we do as a community of speaking professionals. They have been formulated in conjunction with feedback from our members and reflect the way in which we operate as an Association, both internally and externally. Our values shape us and are why our members join us and stay with us. Our values unite us and we are proud of the inclusive, enjoyable and ever-evolving community we have in the PSA.

We Respect one another

Our members collaborate freely and generously, without imposition. In our diverse community, we acknowledge that there will be differing experiences, opinions and business models, so we provide and receive feedback with generosity and grace. We act with integrity, open-mindedness and kindness to our PSA community and our customers.

We strive for Excellence

Our members act in an ethical, professional manner, both within the PSA and when representing the PSA in their work. We take ownership for our continuous development, knowing that this personal growth ensures the professional speaking community is one synonymous with high quality and distinction.

We value Connection

Our members support one another and engage regularly to share best business practice and expertise. We acknowledge and embrace the diversity of thought, identity and business model of our membership, knowing this strengthens us all individually and collectively. We welcome new members openly and we serve our existing community of members and customers as trusted partners.

If you value these values too, then we would love you to join us at the PSA!

Join the community

Be part of a thriving community of business leaders and professional speakers

Reasons to join the PSA

  • Supportive community
  • Learn from others
  • Join an one of our 15 regional centres
  • Meet like minded people
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