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Speaker Factor Entry Criteria and Notes of Requirements 


  • The contest is only open to those who have been a fully paid-up Associate Member by the 1st of May in the competition year and attended at least two regional PSA events as a member, up to but not including the Speaker Factor Regional heat event 
  • Contestants may only compete once, in their chosen region, where they have attended their qualifying events
  • Contestants may compete (once) at any point while an Associate (i.e., they do not have to compete in their first year of associate membership), but may not compete once they are Professional Members
  • Contestants must be able to attend the Annual Convention; if they think they may be unable to attend for any reason, then they cannot enter a Regional Heat
  • The talk should be of 5 minutes duration.  A maximum of 15 seconds over will be counted as qualifying, after that the contestant will be deemed to have run over time and will not be considered for the next round.
  • The timing of the talk will start at the first word of the contestant when they are on stage, but this does not mean that time can be take up prior to that first word in any other way that relates to the talk.
  • The contestant should finish with ‘Thank You’ or another suitable ending (which will need to be made known to the Speaker Factor Co-ordinator prior to their talk).  This will be taken as the conclusion of the talk for timing purposes.
  • Slides may not be used, but the contestant is allowed to use props in their talk. 


Speaker Factor Application Form 2024

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