PSA Moving Voices – Mega Bite 5 – Comedy Night

17th October 2014 | By PSA Team

It’s a tradition that Friday night is comedy night at the PSA annual convention. It’s a tradition that dates back to last year. Comedy night is the brainchild of Alan Stevens, who has hosted every single comedy night, in fact both of them, right back to 2013.

Comedy night is a chance for speakers to let their hair down and try their hand at making people laugh. I don’t have much hair, so this year I decided to do impressions of my speaker colleagues. It was a tricky strategy as the PSA has welcomed many new members in the last year and they wouldn’t have a clue who I was doing. The room held 120 and it was sold out weeks in advance. (Please note there is no bad language in my routine, just bad material.

Jeremy Nicholas, October 2014. With apologies to Geoff Ramm, Stuart Harris, Graeme Codrington,  Rebecca Jones, Peter Roper, Michael Dodd, Lee Jackson, Claire Boyles, Jane Gunn, Eilidh Milnes, Tanya Mann Rennick, Sean Weafer, David Hyner, Richard McCann, Nigel Risner, and Alan Stevens.

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