Professional Speakers Celebration Day

7th March 2023 | By Chantal Cornelius

On 14 March 2023, along with the GSF and all the other member speaking associations around the world, we’ll be holding our first ever and worldwide Professional Speakers Celebration Day!

As members of the global speaker community, it’s our responsibility to recognise and support one another, as we continue to grow and advance this exciting profession. Community is something that sits at the heart of the PSA.

Whether you are an Associate Member, a Professional Member or a Fellow of the PSA, we’d love for you to join us in celebrating Professional Speakers Celebration Day.

Let’s come together on 14 March to celebrate the inspiring work that professional speakers do, to show the world that we are a diverse and vibrant community of talented individuals.

The annual Professional Speakers Celebration Day recognises and celebrates the work of professional speakers worldwide. It highlights the incredible talent, knowledge and experience you bring to your communities. Professional speakers are the driving force behind many important social and cultural movements. This is a powerful opportunity for us to come together and honour all your contributions. The day is another way to elevate the profession of speaking and to promote recognition of professional speakers. Let’s tell the world how good we are, and why people should work with professional speakers!

How Can You Get Involved?

The Global Speakers Federation have suggested a number of taglines that you can use in your social media posts. They are:

  • Proud to speak
  • Speakers unite
  • Join the celebration
  • Together we speak
  • Change starts with us
  • Highlighting voices everywhere!
  • Let’s make a difference worldwide
  • Let’s speak up.

And here are some hashtags you can include:

  • #proudtospeak
  • #professionalspeakersday
  • #speakersday
  • #speakersday2023

If you need any more information about the day, do get in touch with Christian Buchholz, who is the Champion for all the speakers in Europe. Click here to email him.

Happy Professional Speakers Celebration Day!

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