Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM is held every year at our annual convention, the Speaking Business Summit.

This year’s Annual General Meeting will be held during our main conference The Speaking Business Summit 2023 at Voco St John’s, Solihull, Friday 13 October 2023.

We are delighted to announce that this year’s AGM will be conducted in a hybrid format. If you’re at the Summit, you can join us in person, at voco St. John’s Solihull. You also have the option of taking part and voting online, via Zoom. This approach means that all our members, irrespective of your location, can actively participate in the meeting. The Zoom link will be sent to you if you register to join us this way.

The purpose of this AGM is to talk to you and have conversations about the PSA’s business items as, outlined in the agenda. This agenda will be sent to you via email and also posted on the PSA website 14 days before the meeting (by the 29th of September.)

This formal notice is also being distributed via post and email.

While we recognise the environmental impact of distributing this notice by post, we believe it is necessary to ensure that every member receives it and to maximise the distribution of this information.

Every fully paid up member is entitled to attend and vote at the AGM, either in person or online. There is no charge for attending. We do request that you register in advance to make sure that we have enough seats and refreshments for everyone at the hotel; and that the online platform can accommodate all virtual attendees.

To register, please visit our PSA Events online booking page via

If you have any reports or resolutions to present, they must be received by the Association Secretary at [email protected] no later than 30 days ahead of the AGM (by the 13th of September.) This advance notice will give us time to organise and finalise the agenda. The details of this process can be found on the booking link above.

Your active participation in the AGM, whether in person or online, is invaluable. It offers you the opportunity to stay informed about the progress made by the Board and the PSA over the past year. It contributes to shaping our future plans for 2024 and beyond.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you and hearing from you at our AGM.

Please note – you do not have to be attending the Summit to attend the AGM in person.


Here is the Chair’s report to the AGM 2023.

Here is the PSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) Policies, Procedures and Protocols. 

Here are the PSA AGM 2022 Minutes.







A5a–Commentary on Accounts












Alastair Greener – Director of Regions – Alastair Greener – summary for AGM 2023

Chantal Cornelius – Marketing Director – Chantal Cornelius – summary for AGM 2023

Denise Fay – Marketing Director Elect – Denise Fay – Forward Looking Report for AGM 2023

Jackie Handy – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Director – Jackie Handy – PSA AGM board report 2023

Michelle Mills-Porter – Membership Director – Michelle Mills-Porter – summary for AGM 2023

Mike Pagan – PSA Foundation Director – Mike Pagan – summary for AGM 2023

Nathan Littleton – National President – Nathan Littleton – summary for AGM 2022

William Buist – Finance Director – William Buist- summary for AGM 2023

Sara Beth Reynolds – Operations Manager – Operations – summary for AGM 2023

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