Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting 2023

The Professional Speaking Association UK & I

Insights and Actions Post AGM 2023
By Joanne Lockwood
Chair of the Board 2022-2025

As Chair of the Professional Speaking Association, it is my privilege to share with you the key outcomes and ongoing initiatives following our 2023 Annual General Meeting. The minutes of this meeting, attached below, are not just a formal record but a significant reflection of our strategic direction and collective goals.

Here are the key actions and takeaways from the AGM 2023

1. Financial Report and Budget Approval:
– Recognition of the deficit incurred post-Covid and the plan to achieve a break-even position next year.
– Confirmation of the organisation’s financial stability with reserves totalling £100,000.
– Adoption of the proposed budget for the 2023/24 financial year, focusing on membership enhancement and event management.

2. Board and Volunteer Positions:
– Acknowledgement of the board members who retired and those appointed over the year.
– Announcement of vacancies for the roles of Membership Director and DE&I Director. These will be advertised early in the new year.
– Encouragement for members to volunteer and consider taking on board director roles.

3. Marketing and Membership Strategies:
– Recognition of the necessity to augment marketing efforts to attract and retain members.
– Discussion on strategies for engaging younger members and enhancing member retention.
– Plans to re-evaluate and improve the marketing budget and resources.

4. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives:
– Acknowledgement of the need for more inclusive practices within the organisation.
– Discussions on enhancing diversity and inclusion among the membership and leadership.
– Plans to consult with members on DE&I strategies and listen to their insights.

5. Policy and Governance Updates:
– Presentation and acceptance of updated policies and governance documents.
– Review of the Board Risk Register and strategy for managing organisational risks.

6. Member Proposals and Discussions:
– Consideration of member resolutions and suggestions for organisational changes.
– Debates on the process for board elections and the rights of members to vote.

7. Future Plans and Events:
– Identification of key priorities for the forthcoming year, including marketing, engaging volunteers, and expanding membership.
– Announcement of upcoming events such as the Spring Impact Conference and the Speaking Business Summit.

I hope this summary highlights the Board’s dedication to the growth of the PSA through member engagement and continuous enhancement in serving its community. As always, your perspectives and feedback are vital to the evolution of the PSA. One thing in particular we would like your opinion on is the format and scheduling of the AGM. Should it be online or offline, or a hybrid? Should it be part of the Speaking Business Summit or done at another time? You want to hear from you. Please share your thoughts with us at

At the end of the day, The PSA thrives on the involvement and leadership of its members. We are calling for volunteers and board directors for the upcoming year. This is more than an opportunity to contribute; it’s a chance to lead and influence the direction of our association. I encourage you to consider stepping forward. No one can deny that this year’s AGM wasn’t extensive! I’d like to thank everyone who attended and everyone who voiced their opinions or presented motions at the AGM. Your engagement is the cornerstone of our democratic process and vital for ensuring that the PSA reflects the diverse voices of its membership.

Looking ahead, our Spring Impact Conference in April in the London area and the next Speaking Business Summit in October at the Cotswold Park Hotel are exciting opportunities for us to connect, learn, and grow together. I am eager to meet many of you there and to witness firsthand the impact of our collective efforts on your professional speaking careers.

Let us move forward with a renewed focus on our mission, supporting each other in our professional journeys. Together, we will continue to elevate the standards and impact of professional speaking.

Kind regards,

Joanne Lockwood
Chair of the Board 20222025
The Professional Speaking Association, UK and Ireland

Here are the minutes from the AGM 2023.

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