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1st January 2023 | By Mike Pagan, PSA Foundation Director

A massive thank you to everybody who provided support and help for the Foundation auction both online and offline in the room at the GSS summit this year in Dublin. It’s been so much fun, and we raised over 4000 pounds on the night, plus the online auction. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my sidekick on the evening, Jackie Handy – what a mischievous star you are!

Thank you to the three in the room live auction donors, Alan Stevens, Alan Berg and Dr Lynda Shaw, for their generosity and doubling up their prizes on the night.

There have been further examples of generosity – David Hyner, with his online prize, has agreed to provide three of these for the three top bidders, and Alan Berg also gave another prize to a guest that missed out on the night. Excellent – A clear demonstration of our members going above and beyond – thank you all.

I am looking forward to finding ways to help other members who need support; please reach out to me and the board and share your ideas on how we can support more members and raise more funds.

Following on from the GSS summit, I received this message from a member the Foundation helped to be in the room. It is a perfect example of what the Foundation can do and why it is so important that we work together to help more people.

I hope you’re well and have arrived home safely from Dublin.

I wanted to thank you and The Foundation so much for your support. The event was superb. It totally exceeded my expectations, and it’s a privilege to have been welcomed so warmly and enthusiastically to such a special community.

I have much to reflect on, absorb and put into action. 

I will not forget the kindness and generosity I’ve received from The Foundation, and I hope to be in a position to give back soon.

Thank you once again,

If you have other ideas on products or projects you’d like us to consider, please let me know. Who do you know that the Foundation should be talking with? Let me have their contact details so I can have a confidential conversation and explore ways of assisting.

Thank you all once again for your continued support of the Foundation.

If you need any support from the Foundation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me in total confidence by emailing me at [email protected].

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