PSA Yorkshire May 2024: Empower Your Audience Mastery and Uncover the Five Pillars of Happiness

25 May|09:00 - 13:00|Hilton DoubleTree - Leeds - See full address

About this event

Calling all professional speakers, emerging speakers, trainers, workshop leaders, coaches, or anyone who communicates within their business! Whether you’re honing your skills or already established in your field, this event offers a transformative experience. Join our vibrant community where innovation, collaboration, and the art of communication unite to create an extraordinary future.

Arrival & Networking:
Relax and Connect: Begin your experience with a warm welcome, which sets the tone for an event filled with inspiration and connection. Seize this opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm for transformative dialogue.

Official Kick-off:
Dive into the heart of the event with an official start, where we extend a heartfelt welcome, share exciting news, and celebrate the achievements of our esteemed members. This is not just a meeting; it’s a celebration of growth, collaboration, and the collective spirit of our dynamic community.

Keynote Powerhouses:
Brace yourself for an intellectual feast as we present two stellar keynote speakers.

Michelle Mills Porter with her talk “The Super Power of reading people” will go through the top tips and tricks of how to read your audience and your clients, by;
their LinkedIn profile… their e-mail sign off… what they wear… their body language and even their handshake!

  1. Learn how to get your audience on side before you even step on stage!
  2. Connect with them on a deeper level
  3. Understand how your clients want to be sold to
  4. Get your proposal 1/2 way signed before it hits their desk


Dave James with his talk “How to be a happy human”. Dave will be sharing the five pillars he uses in his work as a coach, to help his clients to be happier humans and have a greater level of wellbeing.


  • Understanding each of the five pillars.
  • Looking at the key thread that supports wellbeing.
  • And knowing which of the areas to focus on to start your happiness journey.

Member Showcase Talks:
Witness the brilliance within our community as two outstanding members take the stage to share their unique perspectives and experiences.

Ask The Experts
And hold onto your seats there’s more because we’ve got some heavy hitters lined up for our “Ask the Experts” session: Our very own Yorkshire Trio, Lee Jackson, Olga Geidane, and John Hotowka. It’s all about speaking more, speaking better, and leaving with enough knowledge bombs to blow up a library!

Keynote speakers

Michelle Mills-Porter
Michelle Mills-Porter
FPSA – National President Elect
Dave James
Regional President - PSA Birmingham
Michelle Mills-Porter - FPSA – National President Elect

Michelle is known as The People Reader – a behaviour expert specialising in unleashing potential. As the creator of a suite of profiling tools, she speaks, consults and trains in values, motivation, communication, performance and collaboration. She works with organisations to help increase engagement, performance and results through empowering their people, alongside her family of Certified Practitioners.

As Membership Director, Michelle sees herself as being in service to, and representing the voice of the members. She celebrates being able bring an alternative perspective to the board. Fairness is of paramount importance to her, which isn’t far in front of having fun, as anyone who has been to one of her New Members Days will attest to.

Dave James - Regional President - PSA Birmingham

As well as being PSA Regional President for Birmingham, Dave James is a life coach, speaker and stand-up comedian.

(Yes, three things that you don’t imagine would ever come together, but here we are…)

In the simplest terms he helps people to:

Be more confident

Be more authentic

His background is healthcare with 25 years working in the NHS as an A&E nurse and a podiatrist.

The venue

DoubleTree by Hilton: Granary Wharf, 2 Wharf Approach, Leeds, LS1 4BR, United Kingdom

DoubleTree by Hilton
Granary Wharf
2 Wharf Approach
United Kingdom

Get in touch with the organiser

Jason Archdale

Regional President - PSA Yorkshire

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PSA Yorkshire May 2024: Empower Your Audience Mastery and Uncover the Five Pillars of Happiness

Event details

DoubleTree by Hilton
Granary Wharf
2 Wharf Approach
United Kingdom

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