PSA Yorkshire February 2024: Ignite your passion to speak

24 February|09:00 - 13:00|The Crowne Plaza - Leeds - See full address

About this event

Please Note: This month’s event will be held at The Crowne Plaza, Wellington Street, Leeds, LS1 4DL.

Step into a world of endless possibilities as we invite you to join an electrifying gathering that beckons aspiring speakers, seasoned professionals, creative minds, and industry leaders alike.

This event is meticulously crafted for those eager to explore the vibrant intersection of innovation and collaboration, providing a platform for individuals ready to forge new connections and unleash their passion for the extraordinary power of speech.


Event Overview:

Relax and Connect: Begin your experience with a warm welcome, accompanied by a relaxing arrival coffee that sets the tone for an event filled with inspiration and connection. Seize this opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm for transformative dialogue.


Official Kick-off: 

Dive into the heart of the event with an official start, where we extend a heartfelt welcome, share exciting news, and celebrate the achievements of our esteemed members. This is not just a meeting; it’s a celebration of growth, collaboration, and the collective spirit of our dynamic community.


Keynote Powerhouses: 

Brace yourself for an intellectual feast as we present two stellar keynote speakers: 

Olga Geidane will unravel the intricacies of speaker success with her talk on “7 Costly Mistakes to Avoid as Speakers” 

Jeremy Cox imparts wisdom on achieving excellence without succumbing to stress. These insights promise to be the compass guiding you towards mastery in the art of public speaking.


Member Showcase Talks: 

Witness the brilliance within our community as two outstanding members take the stage to share their unique perspectives and experiences. This is a moment to celebrate the diversity of voices and ideas that make our gathering truly exceptional.


The 6 Degrees of Networking: 

Conclude your event experience with a powerful networking session based on the 6 degrees of separation designed to connect you with the right individuals focusing on your specific requests. The “6 Degrees of Networking” has proven to be an invaluable and productive aspect of our meetings, ensuring that you leave with meaningful connections that can catalyse your journey.

In conclusion, attending this event is not just an option; it’s a gateway to a world of opportunities, connections, and personal growth. Whether you’re an aspiring speaker or a seasoned professional, this gathering is your ticket to a transformative experience. Join us and become part of a community where innovation, collaboration, and the power of speech converge to shape a future that is nothing short of extraordinary. Your presence is not just desired; it is essential for the vibrant tapestry of our collective success.

See you at the intersection of inspiration and collaboration!

Keynote speakers

Olga Geidane
PSA Virtual Region President
Jeremy Cox
Olga Geidane - PSA Virtual Region President

If you are looking for an impactful and motivational speaker on self-leadership, transformation and change, you just found her! Olga Geidane is a global (she spoke across five continents!), thought-provoking speaker and award-winning mindset coach working globally with high achievers and C-suite executives.

Olga is an international best-selling author. She co-authored a few books with Sharon Lechter, Denis Waitley, Erik Swanson, Steve Sims, Jim Cathcart, Michael E. Gerber, Marie Diamond, and others.

A big part and passion of her life are helping couples transform their relationships through intensive 5-day retreats she delivers in-person and online with her husband, Manel Sanchez.

She was the youngest foreign female to be a Regional President of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK for two years. She is on the board of VSAI: Virtual Speaking Association International.
In her spare time, she travels, takes loads of photos and usually sunbathes whilst brainstorming on her next innovative idea somewhere in the Canaries.

View Olga’s website here:
Connect with Olga on Linkedin:

Jeremy Cox

For the last 26 years, Jeremy has worked with business leaders from all over the world to help prepare them to excel in complex and challenging times.
He primarily speaks at conferences, coaches senior teams and has worked with more than 150 organisations and over 20 senior operations boards of major companies. As a business coach, he has over 3000 hours experience.
Jeremy’s career is rich and varied. He began his career as a professional pianist, studying at the Royal College of Music in London, after which he briefly ran a jazz band.
Seeking a different kind of excitement and challenge, he was then commissioned into the British Army in The Household Cavalry, also serving subsequently with Airborne Forces. During his time in the Army, Jeremy taught leadership at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, where his cadets won the Sovereign’s Award for the best trained platoon.
On leaving the army, Jeremy became a headhunter for three years, recruiting Board/Partner level Executives, before choosing to develop leaders instead, setting up his own consultancy in 2000.

Event agenda

Arrival & Networking
Official Opening
Speakers, 6 degrees networking and so much more

The venue

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Jason Archdale

Regional President - PSA Yorkshire

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PSA Yorkshire February 2024: Ignite your passion to speak

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