PSA Virtual Region October 2023: How to make more money and reach full potential as a speaker

17 October|09:30 - 11:45|Online - Zoom - See full address

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As we are in our last quarter of 2023 it’s time to think about how can you pivot yourself and your business in order to make most out of your potential and your speaking business next year.

And that’s why at the PSA Virtual we have Julie Holmes coming with her iconic talk: Pivot to Products: How to Productize Your Expertise and Scale Your Business.

Here is a little teaser for you about Julie’s talk:

Looking to level up your business? Want to serve your clients better, scale your profits, and maybe, just maybe, enjoy more free time? If you said yes, it’s time to dive into the world of productization.

Join Julie Holmes – a global speaker, serial entrepreneur, inventor, and seasoned product strategist – as she guides you through the process of turning your expertise into sought-after products. With a proven methodology that’s successfully served clients and creators worldwide, Julie will walk you through every step of this transformative journey.

From honing in on your target audience to understanding their unique needs and crafting products they’ll adore, Julie’s insider tips will empower you to develop solutions that truly resonate with your audience. Learn to strike the perfect balance of the right products, for the right people, at the right time, and in the right place to set your business up for remarkable growth.

So, ready to convert your know-how into profitable products? This session promises to be a friendly, enriching, and action-packed one brimming with practical strategies and valuable insights. See you there as we journey together toward business success!


What will you learn from Julie?

  • Unlock the Power of NOW NOW NEW NEW: Learn how to spot trends and opportunities that can transform your business.
  • Master the Pain Chain: Get the lowdown on how to identify and solve your clients’ pain points, making you a go-to resource they can’t ignore.
  • Become a Business Sommelier: Discover how to perfectly match products with client needs for a win-win situation.


Having Julie speak at our own region is a treat for sure, especially because Julie is also part of our TOP TEAM at the PSA Virtual!


However, this is not all, as we will have an interactive session on exchanging biggest and smallest take-aways from the conference. Are you going to be there? Everyone at the PSA Virtual is truly looking forward to meeting all members at the conference and bring back all that fresh knowledge and insights! So join us at this session to bring your aha moments and best bits to share with others and those, that didn’t go to the conference.


Our second speaker is the incredible Pam Burrows with her brand new talk It’s not just about the show but the after-glow!

No more beating yourself up on the way home…

In this brand new talk, sparked by her own tricky experiences, PSA Fellow Pam Burrows (People Booster) will share her discoveries around the science and psychology behind post-performance anxiety. She will help you discover the key to doing your best work and then leaving the stage with a sense of satisfaction.

It’s not just about the show; it’s about the after-glow!

What will you learn from Pam?

  • Why we focus on the negatives when the event is over, even if it’s gone really well
  • How stress hormones affect our whole system, long after the gig is done
  • What easy steps you can take to feel good before, during AND after your fabulous talk


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Are we going to see you there?


We are truly looking forward to it!
Your PSA Virtual Top Team:
Diana Grant
Sat Sagoo
Dave James
Leon Bamforth
Roger Fairhead
Jacque Harper
Karen Brown
Will Kintish
Julie Holmes
Elsa Caleb

And Olga Geidane,
Your PSA Virtual Regional President.

Keynote speakers

Julie Holmes
Pam Burrows
Julie Holmes

You probably know Julie as a fellow Fellow. She specialises in AI, tech and innovation, and is an inventor & tech founder who helps leaders and sales professionals become AI-empowered to save time, sell more, and serve better.

Pam Burrows
Helping teams stress less & perform better for over 30 years, Pam Burrows won a European Health and Safety award for reducing stress in the workplace.
A qualified Nursery Nurse, Social Worker & Master Practitioner in NLP, she blends a wealth of knowledge with practical techniques. Her interactive & energising talks empower wellbeing and positive behaviour change.
She is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association & author of two books; Burnout Buster & The CARE Wellbeing Model.

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Online – Zoom

Online Zoom

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Olga Geidane

PSA Virtual Region President

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PSA Virtual Region October 2023: How to make more money and reach full potential as a speaker

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