PSA Virtual Region November 2023: Global Growth GigaBoost – Elevating Your Business and Your Energy Across Continents

21 November|09:30 - 11:45|Online - Zoom - See full address

About this event

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Are you ready to take your speaking business to the global stage and supercharge your energy and enthusiasm for international expansion?

Look no further!

Join us at the PSA Virtual on the 21st November with Andrew Bryant and Claire Boscq for the ‘Global Growth GigaBoost’ event, a transformative experience designed to help you elevate your speaking/training/MCing business to new heights and enhance your personal energy across continents.

In this event, you will gain invaluable insights from industry experts and successful global entrepreneurs who have expanded their businesses across borders. Learn about the strategies, tools, and best practices that are essential for thriving in a global market. Whether you’re considering international expansion, are already in the process, or just want to energise your business journey, this event has something for you.

But it’s not just about business growth. We understand that sustaining high energy levels is crucial for success. At ‘Global Growth GigaBoost,’ we’ll explore the importance of personal well-being and the impact it has on your professional performance. We will share practical tips and techniques to keep you motivated and enthusiastic as you navigate the exciting and challenging path of global expansion.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, gain knowledge, and boost both your business and your personal energy. Join us for an event that promises inspiration, learning, and empowerment on a global scale!

Keynote speakers

Andrew Bryant
Claire Boscq
Andrew Bryant

Andrew Bryant, CSP is a Catalyst for Change who speaks and writes about Driving Accelerated Results by being more Human and practising Self-leadership. His latest work, The New Leadership Playbook is changing the conversation about leadership in the new normal. In addition to being a Certified Speaking Professional and the current President of PSA Spain, Andrew Coaches & Mentors Executive Leadership Teams, predominantly in Tech, to Collaborate, Lead & Scale. Andrew is English by Birth, Australian by Passport, and Brazilian by wife, now living in Portugal after 17 years in Asia.

Connect with Andrew Bryant here:

Claire Boscq

Claire Boscq is the No1 woman Customer Experience Global Gurus with three decades of expertise, Claire, is an authority in the customer experience industry.

International best seller author with 4 published books, she is an international media influencer with her work published in Brazil, Philippines, India, US & Europe.

Claire has spoken in over 20 countries; in delivering fast paced and high-energy presentations in French and English. Winner of the Institute of director award, she is also a on the board of Virtual Speaker Association.

She brings a more holistic and comprehensive approach to organisations and individuals with her BizShui™ Method; creating powerful flow in businesses by integrating a blend of the traditional Feng Shui principles with modern business & personal needs, energizing people and places into prosperity.

She truly is The Energiser, are you ready to shift your vibes?

Connect with Claire Boscq here:

Event agenda

Virtual doors open for an informal chat
Official start of the event
Andrew Bryant with a keynote on How Hard Could it Be?
Showcase by Lynn Erasmus
Claire Boscq with a keynote Energise Your World: Igniting Vibrancy and Supercharging Possibilities!
Official end of the event
Best ever after-party chats and networking

The venue

Online – Zoom

Online Zoom

Get in touch with the organiser

Olga Geidane

PSA Virtual Region President

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PSA Virtual Region November 2023: Global Growth GigaBoost – Elevating Your Business and Your Energy Across Continents

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