PSA Virtual Region May 2024: How to stand with the power of humour and inner drive

21 May|09:30 - 11:30|Online - Zoom - See full address

About this event

Join us for an event full of inspiration, laughter, and self-transformation as we explore the comedy of connection and the inner drive towards your speaker’s success. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to revolutionise your approach to communication and unlock the keys to personal and professional growth.

Secure your spot today and embark on a journey towards a brighter, more successful future as a speaker and presenter!

We will have two captivating keynote speakers: Jeremy Nicholas and Patrick Mercie as well as Liam Tuohy will do a Showcase for us, so prepare to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and skill development at our upcoming event!


Keynote: How to get serious laughs in serious talks – With Jeremy Nicholas

People think you’re either born funny or you’re not. That’s not true. It’s a learnable skill and Jeremy believes anyone can add laughs to their talks, pitches and workshops.
He’ll run through the theory, the benefits and the dangers of comedy. It’s not about getting loads of laughs, it’s about engaging your audience, so they listen longer and learn more.

What will you learn from Jeremy?
This will be a keynote presentation not a workshop or a comedy routine. It will be packed with takeaways that you can use in your own speaking.

  1. How to write funny lines.
  2. Nailing the delivery to it’s obvious where the laugh is.
  3. What to do if you don’t think you’re funny but you’d still like to make the audience smile.


Keynote: The 4 Inner Drivers of Success – And you all have them already! – With Patrick Mercie

We play many roles in life. We are speakers, business owners, parents, colleagues, friends, and so many more. We also all have separate ways of measuring success in each of those roles.

In this keynote, Patrick will share with the audience the 4 common drivers towards success in ALL those roles. And they will find out they have all 4. All ready for them to tap into.

What will you learn from Patrick?

  • Understand the 4 inner drivers of success in every aspect of life
  • Become aware of how to discover the individual makeup of those drivers.
  • Find out how to activate them.


Liam Tuohy will do a showcase where you will be able to support Liam with his growth and improvement of his talk.

Keynote speakers

Jeremy Nicholas
Patrick Mercie
Regional President - PSA Ireland
Jeremy Nicholas

Jeremy is a former award-winning news broadcaster for BBC TV and Radio. He’s the director of London based Talking Toolbox Ltd, which teaches communication in business. He works with clients on how to pitch for business, craft their core message and nail the delivery.

He speaks at events across the world, for the likes of IBM, Samsung and Boots. His background as a broadcaster is a perfect fit for awards shows. He’s hosted the UK Business Awards, Newspaper of the Year Awards and even The Good Funeral Awards.

He presented the flagship news show The World Today on the BBC World Service and won a Sony Award for his BBC London breakfast show as well as a New York Academy Award for his live commentary at the Hillsborough Disaster. On television he reported for BBC TV News on cheesy ‘and finally’ stories like the face of Elvis appearing on a piece of Stilton. He devised and wrote the TV sports quiz Sick as a Parrot which he presented on Channel 5 and BBC Radio 5 Live. Jem’s taught creative storytelling at the BBC College of Journalism.

In 2015 he was awarded the highest award in his field, the PSAE – Professional Speaking Award of Excellence, becoming the 15th person in history to receive it.

Patrick Mercie - Regional President - PSA Ireland

Patrick Mercie’s Professional Mission as an Expert Life And Career Design Coach is to get thousands of people each year to take structured steps towards ‘Having A Life While Making A Living’
He does that with in-person coaching, in 3-day boot camp programs, by working with companies on recruitment strategies, and via public speaking, radio work, workshops, and seminars.
He works from YOUR Strengths, Values, Passions, Beliefs, Impact, and Lifestyle.

Event agenda

Official start, networking and more
Keynote - Patrick Mercie
Showcase - Liam Tuohy
Keynote - Jeremy Nicholas
Official Finish
Unofficial after party!

The venue

Online – Zoom

Online Zoom

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Olga Geidane

PSA Virtual Region President

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PSA Virtual Region May 2024: How to stand with the power of humour and inner drive

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