PSA Virtual Region December 2023: Secrets of successful collaboration & Working with speaker bureaus

19 December|09:30 - 11:45|Online - Zoom - See full address

About this event

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Join us for an exclusive event on 19th of December where we delve into the world of speaker bureaus and uncover the secrets to successful collaboration in preparation to 2024: the year to #StandOut!

We will have a blend of interview with Maria Franzoni and a keynote by Michelle Mills- Porter.


Maria Franzoni is a renowned expert in the industry,  and will be sharing her invaluable knowledge and experience.

Whether you are a professional or aspiring speaker, presenter or trainer, an event organiser, or someone interested in the world of professional speaking, this interview is a must-attend. Maria will provide insider tips and strategies on how to effectively collaborate with speaker bureaus to enhance your professional journey.

During the interview, Maria will cover a wide range of topics, including how to approach speaker bureaus, what they look for in potential speakers, and how to build long-lasting relationships with them. She will also share her insights on the current trends in the industry and how to navigate through the ever-evolving landscape.

This event is an incredible opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the speaker bureau industry and learn from one of its most respected figures. Don’t miss out on this chance to discover the secrets that can propel your collaboration with speaker bureaus to new heights.


Michelle Mills-Porter, a true queen of collaboration, brings her wealth of knowledge and expertise to this event. With years of experience in the speaking industry, Michelle has established herself as a leading authority, known for her exceptional ability to foster successful collaborations.

During her captivating presentation, Michelle will generously share her insider secrets, invaluable tips, and game-changing hacks that you can implement to take your speaking business to new heights. From leveraging the power of your purpose to mastering the art of effective communication, Michelle will provide you with practical strategies to level up your speaking career.

Not only will Michelle delve into the secrets behind successful collaborations with other professionals, but she will also offer insights on how to stand out and build a strong network of industry connections. Her engaging presentation will leave you inspired and equipped with the tools you need to navigate the speaking industry with confidence and achieve unparalleled success.

Prepare to be captivated by Michelle’s dynamic speaking style, as she shares personal anecdotes, real-life case studies, and actionable advice that you can implement immediately. This is an exclusive opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s finest and gain a competitive edge in the world of professional speaking.


Mark your calendars and secure your spot for this enlightening event: interview with Maria Franzoni and the talk by Michelle Mills-Porter as well as exciting Christmas celebrations and your chance to share your tips and hacks as well as tools that you use in your speaking business!

Keynote speakers

Maria Franzoni
Michelle Mills-Porter
Michelle Mills-Porter
FPSA – Membership Director and National President Elect
Maria Franzoni

Former International Speaker Bureau owner and founder of the Speaking Business Academy, a training company teaching speakers how to apply the strategies and systems used by speaker bureaus to grow their businesses.

Michelle Mills-Porter - FPSA – Membership Director and National President Elect

Michelle is known as The People Reader – a behaviour expert specialising in unleashing potential. As the creator of a suite of profiling tools, she speaks, consults and trains in values, motivation, communication, performance and collaboration. She works with organisations to help increase engagement, performance and results through empowering their people, alongside her family of Certified Practitioners.

As Membership Director, Michelle sees herself as being in service to, and representing the voice of the members. She celebrates being able bring an alternative perspective to the board. Fairness is of paramount importance to her, which isn’t far in front of having fun, as anyone who has been to one of her New Members Days will attest to.

Event agenda

Virtual doors open for an informal chat
Official start of the event
Michelle Mills-Porter
Your speaking and presenting tips and hacks as well as tools you use, Christmas celebrations
Interview with Maria Franzoni
Official end of the event
Best ever after-party chats and networking

The venue

Online – Zoom

Online Zoom

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Olga Geidane

PSA Virtual Region President

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PSA Virtual Region December 2023: Secrets of successful collaboration & Working with speaker bureaus

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