PSA Thames Valley October 2023: Finding Your Next Speaker Engagement

19 October|15:30 - 20:30|Green Park Conference Centre - Reading - See full address

About this event

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Would you like to know HOW you can accelerate your speaking business and find the opportunities that will grow you and your business?

We have the answers for you at the October Thames Valley PSA meeting.


Join George Anderson and Sam Bishop as they share their secrets of success and show you HOW they have grown their speaking businesses.

They answer these key questions:

  • Where are the speaking engagements?
  • What type of companies are booking speakers?
  • Who does the booking?
  • How much are they paying?
  • What are the different types of speaking, such as keynotes, training and associate work?

George and Sam are running a workshop which aims to share some of these insights and harness the ‘power of the room’, to set new and established speakers alike onto the path of progress and speaking business success.

George Anderson and Sam Bishop are wellbeing and performance speakers, approaching the topics from different angles and different professional backgrounds, but with the same goal: to build a sustainable and thriving speaking business. They work together and independently, and through their regular mastermind sessions over the last 3 years have found themselves asking the questions that have become the backdrop to this session: where are the speaking engagements and who are the bookers.


We then follow this with our Thames Valley Top Tips on ‘How To Be Fully Prepared For Your Speaking Next Engagement’

As usual we will have our member showcases and opportunities for members to take part sharing their knowledge and expertise.

And for those of you who could not attend The Speaking Business Summit we hear from those who did and what their biggest learnings were.

All in all a super session full of content to help you Speak More, Speak Better CONFIDENTLY!

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George Anderson
Sam Bishop

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PSA Thames Valley October 2023: Finding Your Next Speaker Engagement

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