PSA Thames Valley June 2023: Words of Wisdom

15 June|15:30 - 20:30|Green Park Conference Centre - Reading - See full address

About this event

The June Thames Valley PSA event is all about Words of Wisdom – YOUR Words of Wisdom!

Join us for another value packed meeting where we bring you the speakers who really will deliver you the KNOW HOW to Speak More, Speak Better, Confidently!


Our first keynote is from Sue Richardson, award-winning non-fiction publisher, creator of the pocket-sized business book series, The Authority Guides and founder and publishing director of The Right Book Company.

Sue will show us HOW to create the book to get you booked!

Key takeaways:

  • How to craft your unique message that is aligned with your purpose and story
  • How to build the business case for your book
  • How to create the right book to get you more bookings


Our Masterclass will be delivered by former speaker bureau owner and agent Maria Franzoni.

Maria will take you through what bookers need to see so that you are unforgettable. She will share what makes a speaker credible (and it’s not having spoken in dozens of countries and at thousands of events); how you can differentiate and set yourself up as a go-to expert.

By the end of Maria’s session you will:

  • What market are we in?
  • Who are the bookers?
  • What are the bookers looking for in terms of credibility and differentiation?
  • How do you present yourself as a credible professional?
  • Where do you start?


Don’t miss out on our Thames Valley Tool Box session where members share their expertise to give you the hints and tips that really will mark a difference in your speaking business.

We also have our very popular Let’s Get Talking Session where YOU the audience have the opportunity for others to find out more about you, what you do and what you speak about.


June is PSA Book Exchange month:

This is your chance to declutter the ever-growing (and most likely groaning) bookshelf and help others in the process! Check your bookshelves for books you think could add value and help other people. We know there will be books you’ll never read again or potentially even read for the first time, but you thought they were good and might be perfect for someone else.

WARNING – This is not designed as a dumping ground for those you didn’t enjoy; others will likely feel the same way! Once you’ve selected your books for exchange, TAKE THEM TO YOUR JUNE REGIONAL MEETING. Any books you take away, you make a donation to the Foundation – we recommend a minimum of £5 per book.

THE KEY CAVEAT HERE – any books that are not taken remain in the ownership of the person who brought them. Please remember to take any remaining books back with you at the end of the event. Your regional president wants to avoid adopting 100 books at the event.

Keynote speakers

Sue Richardson
Maria Franzoni
Sue Richardson

Sue Richardson is an award-winning non-fiction publisher, creator of the pocket-sized business book series, The Authority Guides and founder and publishing director of The Right Book Company. Sue’s strategic approach to book publishing empowers her authors to build credibility, profile, visibility and respect both as individuals and as brands. For business speakers who create a book, doors open wider, their platform expands and their light shines more brightly than they could ever have dreamed. As a speaker, Sue has spent the last 20 years sharing her knowledge with the business community and beyond. She is a Fellow of the PSA.

Maria Franzoni

Former International Speaker Bureau owner and founder of the Speaking Business Academy, a training company teaching speakers how to apply the strategies and systems used by speaker bureaus to grow their businesses.

The venue

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Lara Lauder

Regional President - Thames Valley

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PSA Thames Valley June 2023: Words of Wisdom

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