PSA Staffordshire September 2023: Sucky Slides & Symphonic Speaking!

27 September|17:30 - 21:00|Wade Conference Centre - PSA Staffordshire - See full address

About this event

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Are your slides really a handout or aide memoire for you?
Maybe you haven’t made the connection yet between the journey music takes us on and our storytelling?
You won’t want to miss this event!

Dave Henson – Your Slides Suck!
I have secured myself a speaking slot at the Speaking Business Summit in Birmingham in October. One proviso of that is that I’m not allowed to use the same material at any regional talk beforehand. So at the PSA Staffordshire September event, I am going to do a specially choreographed song and dance routine.
OK, not really.
What I’m going to do instead is to go ‘under the bonnet’ to give you an idea of what PowerPoint can really do – if it’s used properly – and to show you how you can zhoosh up your visual communications to make them more engaging, empowering and effective.
Come along to learn how to ensure your slides don’t suck!

Key Takeaways:

  1. The power of PowerPoint – if it’s used properly
  2. How to produce slides that are engaging, empowering and effective
  3. Many top tips for creating tip-top presentations


Bob Ferguson – What speechwriters can learn from composers
Classical music demonstrates that composers are masters of shifting their audience’s emotions. There are many lessons to learn from how they do it and how speakers can do it in their speeches. It also shows how great films adopt many of the same techniques.
This talk combines the lessons from classical composers with speechwriting techniques to help speakers write speeches with maximum engagement.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How to shift the audience’s emotions enough to guarantee engagement.
  2. The techniques of shifting the audience’s emotions.
  3. A key resource to help speakers develop powerful emotions in the audience.

Come for the amazing keynotes and stay for the food, drink, and awesome company of your fellow professional speakers!

Keynote speakers

Dave Henson
Bob Ferguson
Dave Henson

David Henson is a former Regional President for the South East. He trained in photography and audio-visual production and set up The Regent Slide Company in 1986 and spent 13 years producing and imaging thousands of 35mm slides for many and varied businesses. But it wasn’t until he joined the Professional Speaking Association in 2016 that he realised that even good speakers produce bad slides. And now he’s on a crusade to eradicate excruciatingly boring slide presentations and to teach people how to produce slides that wow their audience and that make their talks memorable and effective.

Bob Ferguson

Bob was a founder member of the PSA in 1999. In those days he was an engineer in the space industry working on the European missions to Mars and Mercury. Gradually his love of speaking and coaching others took over until he was a full-time speaker and coach specialising in helping technical experts communicate.

Event agenda

Meeting room open – food & networking
Keynote – Dave Henson
Showcase - Lise Kaye-Bell
President Announcements
Showcase - Tony Altham
Keynote - Bob Ferguson
Just One Thing
Close the room

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PSA Staffordshire September 2023: Sucky Slides & Symphonic Speaking!

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