PSA Staffordshire May 2023: Mmmmmm, Marketing Trends for 2023 & Mastering Your Speaking Business

24 May|17:30 - 21:00|Wade Conference Centre - PSA Staffordshire - See full address

About this event

This May we’re looking forward to welcoming you to another jam-packed PSA Staffordshire event!


Chantal Cornelius – Marketing Trends for 2023

What’s new in marketing this year?
What do you need to be aware of, as a speaker?
How can you use new marketing tools and techniques to promote your speaking business?


  • A round up of new marketing trends
  • Which ones you can use in your marketing
  • How best to use them, to help you stand out


William Buist – Mastering Your Speaking Business

You’re an expert at what you do. You get good feedback and your clients like what you provide. You see success; nothing is broken, yet you know it isn’t as good as it should be. Your expertise is essential, but is it enough?

This talk will show you how you can be stronger and even more successful by intentionally becoming the master of your chosen field. Mastery is a journey that only a few will undertake, not because only a few can be selected for it, but because few make the choice. This talk uncovers the nature of the journey so that you can make the right choices.


  • Understanding the journey to mastery as a speaker.
  • Learn why some speakers stand out in their markets.
  • Know what you need to do next to build a better speaker business.

Keynote speakers

William Buist
William Buist

William is a mentor to business leaders and the author of the book, Intentional Mastery. He specialises in guiding his clients along the journey to mastery so that they can deliver consistently excellent value to their clients. William is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA UK) who speaks on building better business and intentional mastery.
William is committed to lifelong learning; he’s a keen photographer and skier and enjoys walking.

Event agenda

Meeting room open – food & networking
Welcome everyone, present the agenda, fire drill info
Keynote – Chantal Cornelius
Showcase – Peterg
President Announcements - Upcoming speakers, invite people, conference, benefits
Showcase 2 – David Howell
Group Mastermind
Keynote – William Buist
Next meeting and events - Just one thing – what will you put into practise straight away
Close the room

The venue

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PSA Staffordshire May 2023: Mmmmmm, Marketing Trends for 2023 & Mastering Your Speaking Business

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