PSA Staffordshire March 2024: Website Optimisation & Wonderful Networking

27 March|17:30 - 21:00|Wade Conference Centre - PSA Staffordshire - See full address

About this event

We’re looking forward to another packed event this month at PSA Staffordshire!


How to Fix Lazy Websites: SEO Success Without the Frustration – With Chris Davidson

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) frustrates many business owners, and understandably so. Although there is no shortage of information, much of it appears conflicting. It’s unclear where the ‘truth’ lies, so it’s almost impossible to know where to start. COVID changed all our business models and a website that attracts and converts high quality leads is now an essential business asset. SEO is one of the three ways to drive traffic to a website—and it’s the smartest, as it simultaneously delivers two results. It both grows your traffic volumes and increases the overall effectiveness of your website.

This session delivers cuts through the plentiful poor advice and plain nonsense. Maybe you’ve already tried SEO and not achieved the results you were hoping for—maybe you’re a neophyte. Either way, you’ll leave knowing where to start and what to do next to increase the effectiveness of your website.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The number of ways to get traffic to a website.
  2. The difference between your website’s skeleton and it’s muscles.
  3. The importance of website structure.
  4. The importance of content structure (plus examples).
  5. How to create a better lead capture system.


With a workshop to help with networking, we have Past Regional President Sam Warner & current Regional President Kevin Hayward:

Have you ever been to a networking event and watched someone throw away their opportunity to get the audience to like know and Trust them by rambling on about their childhood and their hobbies for 10 minutes?

We’re going to have an interactive workshop to enable you to prepare a WONDERFUL networking presentation.

Key takeaways:

  1. How to prepare an introduction
  2. What to address in your talk
  3. What solution do you provide?
  4. What are the benefits/results?
  5. Who are you?
  6. Why you instead of others?


We also have this month …..

  • 2 x 60 second speakers
  • Sam delivering an education book slot
  • A showcase from Vincent Hovorka

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Keynote speakers

Chris Davidson
Sam Warner
Kevin Hayward
Regional President - PSA Staffordshire
Chris Davidson

Chris started working in IT before the term ‘information technology’ existed. He founded his consultancy, Active Presence, in 2002 and launched the annual Worldwide Digital Footprint Survey in 2017. The survey reports are challenging and have motivated many speakers to take action to improve their online image.

In February 2023 Chris published Why Your Website Doesn’t Work. This is the lead title in a collection of books under the Website Wisdom banner. He published the second title, Websites for Business Managers, in November ’23.

Also in 2023, Chris launched a new service, Easeo (pronounced ‘ease-oh’), standing for Easy Affordable SEO. This service helps business owners optimize their websites in a cost effective way.

Websites are easy. Effective, highly engaging business websites are hard. Having one will make your life better and your business more successful. Chris can help you. Ready?

Sam Warner

Sam Warner is a Neurodivergent Communication Specialist and uses her lived experience to work with leaders across multiple industries to improve their DEI policies to help them attract and retain talented Neurodivergent (Autistic, ADHD, Dyslexia etc) employees. Organisations enjoy loyalty, diversity of thought, innovation and increased profits whilst spending less on recruitment due to attrition. She delivers keynotes, workshops, training and coaching to clients such as Nokia, Ocado, The Royal Ballet School, GirlGuiding, and the NHS to name a few.

Sam has an energetic delivery style that leaves the audience with engaging memories and inspiration. She has worked in multiple industries herself including, IT, Manufacturing, The NHS, The Police Service, and in many different roles, such as Project Manager, Quality, Governance & Risk Management. She is also a Professional Speaker, a TEDx Speaker, TEDx Curator and Speaker Coach with 25+ years experience.

Kevin Hayward - Regional President - PSA Staffordshire

Expert in property investment. Quality over quantity. Sometimes less really is more!

Event agenda

Meeting room open – food & networking
60 Second Speakers
Workshop - Sam Warner & Kevin Hayward
Education book slot
President's Announcements
Showcase - Vincent Hovorka
Keynote - Chris Davidson
Next meeting details - how will you #StandOut?

The venue

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Kevin Hayward

Regional President - PSA Staffordshire

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PSA Staffordshire March 2024: Website Optimisation & Wonderful Networking

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