PSA Staffordshire December 2023 – There’s no boring platypuses here!

13 December|17:30 - 21:00|Wade Conference Centre - PSA Staffordshire - See full address

About this event

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Are you struggling to put your prices up? Have you ever struggled to make technical parts of your talk sound more interesting? If you say yes to either of these, then this is the event for you.


Our first speaker will be David Abbott with his keynote How to Price Your Platypus (The Psychology of Pricing). David is going to deconstruct his keynote for us too.

You’ve landed a keynote. Or a corporate wants you to do a session with one of their teams. Or maybe a school wants to book you. You’ve only got one thing left to do – agree a price. What price will you choose? You don’t want to look too cheap and leave money on the table, nor do you want to lose the opportunity by pricing too high…

If you’ve ever struggled with knowing what to charge, then it’s time to get to grips with the science and psychology of pricing.

David will introduce you to a range of ideas on pricing decisions, and you will come away with action plans to increase your prices which can be implemented quickly and easily, and with almost no cost.

After listening to David you will know:

  • How customers make decisions about pricing
  • One simple thing that will increase your average price
  • An easy change to your price that costs nothing and improves your negotiating position
  • Why you might want to call your product The Super 2400
  • How losing a zero can boost your sales

Key Takeaways:

  1. How we all make pricing decisions
  2. How to present your prices so that you get the highest price
  3. How to reduce the amount you give away in negotiations


Our second speaker will be Malcolm Budd who will deliver his keynote Getting Engagement! Tips on making a dull subject more interesting and fun!

Some subjects may be interesting only to those who live and breath them. The world of regulatory controls is one such area, where government officials, industry leaders and very expensive attorneys stand behind a lectern at conferences and symposiums to give a dump of everything they know supported by pages of detailed PowerPoint.

But should OUR audiences and clients suffer boredom, indifference or lack of engagement just because of the specialist topics that are the core of our businesses? Shouldn’t we be enabled to deliver the core messages to them in such a way that they leave energised, with a clear call to action and maybe even a smile?

With over 15 years of speaking and training in export controls and sanctions, Mal Budd gives an insight into principles he uses to turn a dull subject into something relevant, engaging and sometimes even fun!

Key Takeaways:
In this keynote, Mal Budd will share his experience on how he made his world of regulatory compliance interesting and engaging. By considering 7 key principles, he will give pointers on how you may be able to utilise some of the techniques he employs into your own businesses.


We also have a showcase by Saroj Bains – Be in Control of your Deal!


If you speak for a living (e.g. a professional speaker, trainer, presenter in the media) or aspire to do so, then this is the group for you! Also, if you regularly give professional presentations to help showcase or promote your business, this group could really benefit you.

Come for the amazing keynotes and stay for the food, drink, and awesome company of your fellow professional speakers.


Keynote speakers

David Abbott
Malcolm Budd
David Abbott

David is an international speaker, helping audiences to discover simple ways to improve their pricing.

After studying Engineering Science and Economics at Oxford he worked in marketing and business management. He ran a £56m mail order company where pricing is crucial, and has held senior marketing roles in a wide variety of industries. He currently helps clients develop and execute marketing strategies that help them to out-compete their competition.

He applies psychology research into consumer behaviour to business and marketing. He illustrates everything with real examples of marketing in action.

Malcolm Budd

Mal trained as a lawyer before spending 35 years with global industries in commercial and regulatory compliance roles.

At Rolls-Royce plc, Mal led teams delivering export control compliance across it’s global operations, often to people who didn’t really want to engage! At conferences and delivering training around the world, he has used principles of “entertainment” to make a complicated and dull subject more interesting and engaging. Now with his own consultancy business.

Mal delivers risk-based proportionate compliance solutions and training to SME’s and corporates to help them navigate the complex world of regulatory compliance and keep them out of court!

Event agenda

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Keynote – David Abbott
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Showcase - Saroj Baines
Keynote – Malcolm Budd
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PSA Staffordshire December 2023 – There’s no boring platypuses here!

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