PSA Staffordshire April 2024: Grow your club and Chat GPT

24 April|17:30 - 21:00|The Potters Club - Staffordshire - See full address

About this event

We’re looking forward to another packed event this month at PSA Staffordshire!

Our first keynote is delivered by Steve Houghton-Burnett. In his talk Steve will be highlighting key parts of his keynote talk “Love Your Disruptors”. He will be taking elements of the talk and walking the audience through why it is structured in the way it is. He will also cover how to assess whether you are including elements of your message for the benefit of your audience or for your own gratification or as part of your personal “therapy from the stage”. He will invite one or two audience members to work with him in real-time to show how small changes can have a HUGE IMPACT on the delivery of a message.

Key takeaways:

  • How to break your talk up into a “Menu” to make client choice easier (including having some recommended set menus).
  • How to choose what you could and should include if a story has deeper personal information or strong emotional content
  • What your talk sparkline (emotional highs and lows) maps like and how to use your sparkline to keep the audience with you


Our second keynote is delivered by Brad Parkes entitled Making Clubs Work – Build for Success

With a lifetime of membership of organisations, over 20 years of working with associations at the highest level, and as the author of the uniquely insightful volume on how to run clubs successfully – Making Clubs Work, Brad is an authority on how organisations can recruit and retain their membership.

Brad will share the pitfalls to avoid, and the four corner stone principles that can help any club Build for Success.

He will share with wit and wisdom through his anecdotal and metaphorical style how clubs and societies can operate successfully to grow and serve their members and the community best.

This promises to be a talk that is one not to be missed!


Keynote speakers

Steve Houghton-Burnett
Brad Parkes
Steve Houghton-Burnett

Steve’s is a “jobbing speaker” and was previously an Entrepreneur… He started one of the first five Internet Service Provision (ISP) businesses in the UK which was incidentally the first to make a profit. It grew rapidly over a five-year period and after two mergers and three additional rounds of funding ended up being sold for £300 million six weeks before the .COM bubble burst and creating 14 ‘overnight’ millionaires in the process.

He speaks about business change to corporate audiences, the highs and lows of entrepreneurial life to small business audiences and about how he went from a 2 bedroom council house as a child to having travelled the world through his business interests to students in schools, colleges and universities.

He is an award-winning speaker and is a Fellow of the PSA UK&I.

The venue

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Kevin Hayward

Regional President - PSA Staffordshire

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PSA Staffordshire April 2024: Grow your club and Chat GPT

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