PSA South West September 2024: Less Effort, More Impact

05 September|17:30 - 21:30|Guyers House Hotel, Chippenham - See full address

About this event

Who wouldn’t want to get the maximum impact with reduced effort?

In this meeting we are going to get very hands on in learning how to do just that – create greater impact in ways that use less time and energy.

And as always in the #psasouthwest, we will have a lot of fun doing it.

So for guaranteed learning, guaranteed laughter and opportunities to further those relationships with like-minded people, come and join us.

Joanne Lockwood: Upcycling and Recycling – #StandOut with Content Multi-purposing
In her workshop, Joanne Lockwood is going to help you focus on adapting and repurposing content.

She will guide you through the innovative process of transforming your existing content – videos, session recordings, podcasts – into a vibrant array of formats tailored for various platforms. This isn’t just about rehashing old material; it’s about unlocking the hidden potential in your work to create a continuous stream of engaging, fresh content that helps you #StandOut.

Throughout her career, Joanne has navigated the challenges and harnessed the opportunities within the ever-evolving content landscape. This session will be a practical deep dive into the art of content multi-purposing, utilising tools and AI to generate new ideas and scripts.

Together, we will explore case studies, participate in hands-on activities, and Jo will share insights from her personal content generation workflow.

You’ll learn how to breathe new life into every piece of content you’ve created, transforming them for maximum reach, engagement, and impact.

In this interactive workshop you’ll gain firsthand experience in repurposing a single piece of content into various formats, ensuring each piece resonates with its intended audience while maintaining your unique voice. By adapting your content for different platforms and audiences, you ensure it not only reaches but also engages your audience, helping you #StandOut in a crowded digital space.

Three key takeaways from this session will be:

  1. Mastering the art of repurposing content across multiple platforms, ensuring you #StandOut.
  2. Practical strategies and tools for generating fresh, engaging content ideas.
  3. Actionable techniques for tailoring content to different audiences, optimising reach and engagement.

We then have John Hotowka delivering his keynote: Prop up your Presentations

We can use words to get our messages across, and then we can use props, puzzles and stunts to make them even more memorable and inspire action.

As speakers we want our messages to be heard but more importantly, we want them to be remembered and to stimulate action.

Stories and metaphors can work, props and puzzles work better!

Tony Buzan, the father of mind-mapping, carried out studies and found the use of visual aids generally heightens retention of the spoken word by up to 70%… 70%!

Which is why using props, puzzles and stunts as metaphors to punctuate a message or point is so effective. And in this session, you will get to see how you can use props and puzzles in your talk to make your message more powerful.

In this interactive session you will learn:

  • Which props, puzzles and stunts to use, when and how
  • How to use a prop, puzzle and stunt as a metaphor
  • How to make your point and message memorable
  • How to increase audience engagement and interactivity

If you speak to groups of people in classrooms, churches, boardrooms or conferences and want to be able to speak more and speak better, come and join us.

Keynote speakers

Joanne Lockwood
FPSA – Chair of the PSA
John Hotowka
Joanne Lockwood - FPSA – Chair of the PSA

Joanne Lockwood, Founder and CEO of SEE Change Happen, is an Inclusion and Belonging specialist, speaker, and Fellow of the PSA. She works with organisations throughout the UK, Europe and beyond, challenging corporate mentality, and providing a service that goes far beyond “just” Diversity & Inclusion. Living by the mantra: “Smile, Engage and Educate,” Joanne believes that people are people, whatever their ethnicity, gender and abilities, deserving to be treated with dignity and respect to work well and thrive.

John Hotowka

John Hotowka is a business speaker, humorist and magician predominantly delivering keynotes and speaking after dinner.

His ‘Achievement Thinking’ methodology gives individuals and teams insights and practical mind set tools to empower them to become more resourceful and resilient in the face of high speed change to improve performance and wellbeing.

Clients hire him mainly for his content and also his style of interactive delivery involving humour and magic.

John is a PSAE – Professional Speaking Award of Excellence – The PSAE is the highest accolade in speaking and given to Professional Members or Fellows of the PSA who have consistently demonstrated speaking excellence and professionalism, in addition to contributing to the PSA.

Event agenda

Enjoy a cuppa after your journey whilst chatting with other speakers
Two great sessions and a showcase Light refreshments will be served mid evening
Home time via the bar for more chatting should you wish

The venue

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Caroline Cavanagh

Regional President - South West

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PSA South West September 2024: Less Effort, More Impact

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