PSA South West November 2023: How to avoid the common pitfalls in speaking

14 November|18:00 - 21:30|Guyers House Hotel, Chippenham - See full address

About this event

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We often talk about what you need to do to be a successful speaker, however, there is much less focus on what NOT to do. So we are changing lenses to look at what pitfalls can trip you up when on your feet or running a speaking business and how to avoid falling into those holes.

And these lessons are so transferable to other areas of business too so come and join us and find out where you can save time and side step those mistakes!!


Title: Top 7 Costly Mistakes Speakers Should Avoid
With Olga Geidane

In this engaging and insightful talk, “Costly Mistakes to Avoid for Speakers” you will discover the invaluable knowledge gained from a jet-setting international speaker. With a focus on real-world experiences and practical advice, this presentation will guide both aspiring and seasoned speakers alike through the pitfalls and challenges that can hinder business growth.

You will learn about costly mistakes to avoid to excel your speaking business. By highlighting these mistakes and providing effective strategies to overcome them, Olga will equip you with the tools to elevate your performance, expand your influence, and ultimately maximize your earning potential.

By listening to Olga you will:

  1. Understand the top 7 mistakes to avoid in your speaking business
  2. Learn what can you do instead
  3. Identify how to finally move on in your speaking business.


Title: Bridging the gap through storytelling
With Rachel Maunder

Being able to tell a good story is a key skill for anyone wishing to get their message across to an audience in a memorable way. However, there is more to story telling than just telling a story!!

In this talk, Rachel is not only going to demonstrate storytelling skills but will give you a fresh insightful angle on using stories as a means of bridging the gap between you as the expert in your field, and your audience, who are listening to learn.

She brings with her, her skills developed through working with business professionals who want to increase their credibility by becoming more compelling communicators.

By listening to Rachel you will:

  1. Understand how that gap occurs and what can happen if you fail to build the bridge.
  2. Learn how to be strategic with your storytelling as a means of bridging that gap.
  3. Identify how being strategic with your storytelling benefits you as well as your audience.

Keynote speakers

Olga Geidane
PSA Virtual Region President
Rachel Maunder
Olga Geidane - PSA Virtual Region President

If you are looking for an impactful and motivational speaker on self-leadership, transformation and change, you just found her! Olga Geidane is a global (she spoke across five continents!), thought-provoking speaker and award-winning mindset coach working globally with high achievers and C-suite executives.

Olga is an international best-selling author. She co-authored a few books with Sharon Lechter, Denis Waitley, Erik Swanson, Steve Sims, Jim Cathcart, Michael E. Gerber, Marie Diamond, and others.

A big part and passion of her life are helping couples transform their relationships through intensive 5-day retreats she delivers in-person and online with her husband, Manel Sanchez.

She was the youngest foreign female to be a Regional President of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK for two years. She is on the board of VSAI: Virtual Speaking Association International.
In her spare time, she travels, takes loads of photos and usually sunbathes whilst brainstorming on her next innovative idea somewhere in the Canaries.

View Olga’s website here:
Connect with Olga on Linkedin:

Rachel Maunder

One of Rachel’s first observations about successful speakers was they all seemed to have a powerful story to share.

Initially held back by a belief that she didn’t have a story to share, she set out on a path to see the value in her own stories and to find a way to bring ordinary everyday stories to her speaking and actively encourages and inspires others to do the same.

More recently she has added another dimension to her work around storytelling and speaks on the importance and impact of reframing failure as merely a chapter of our story.

In addition to the speaking side of her business, Rachel works with business professionals who want to increase their credibility by becoming more compelling communicators.

Event agenda

Meet for a catch up over a coffee
Meeting starts
Keynote on storytelling
More networking, with sandwiches this time!
Short Keynote on customer service
Keynote on the 7 common mistakes in speaking
Close and move to the bar for anyone who has more networking left to do

The venue

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Regional President - South West

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PSA South West November 2023: How to avoid the common pitfalls in speaking

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