PSA South West May 2023: What did the Romans, I mean PSA, ever do for us??

09 May|18:00 - 21:30|Guyers House Hotel, Chippenham - See full address

About this event

“What did the Romans ever do for us?”
Well there was the aqueduct, sanitation, roads, irrigation, medicine…. and long list of other things many of us may not even realise that the Romans gave us.


So what can the PSA do for YOU?
This is the question we are going to be addressing in May’s meeting. We have gathered together an esteemed bunch of Fellows whom have all used the PSA to project their speaking careers to the heights they enjoy now.

If you are a member already and are wondering what you need to do to move up to that next level in your speaking, those questions will be answered.

And if you are involved in speaking in any way: speaker, trainer, teacher, preacher or presenter, please come and find out what the PSA can do for you!


Expert Panel: What has the PSA done for us?
In this expert panel, we will have 4 PSA Fellows sharing how being a member of the PSA has supported their speaking business. We will then open up the panel for you to ask your questions so that you can make the greatest return on your PSA membership.

As an organisation, there is so much going on that many members do not fully utilise all that there is on offer. And for anyone involved in speaking professionally, this is a great opportunity to find out what the PSA could do for you!


Andy Lopata: Professional Relationships and their relevance to Speakers

Successful speaking businesses rely on strong relationships. Whether with our clients, meeting planners, fellow PSA members, Av crew or others, if you have a network developed on deep relationships, you then have people who will refer you, advocate for you, feed you advice and insights and support you in whatever ways you need.

In this talk, Andy will explore the fundamentals of building, nurturing and leveraging strong professional relationships and will relate them to his speaking career that includes clients such as GlaxoSmithKline, HSBC, Santander, Dyson and Brother.

The learning you will gain includes:

  • How to identify the gaps in your professional network.
  • The 7 Stages of Professional Relationships.
  • When to be transactional and when to be friends.
  • What stops us from asking for help.
  • Knowing how to make it easy for your connections to support you when they are ready to


All this plus a 10 minute showcase and plenty of networking with other speakers.

So come and join us at the beautiful Guyers House Hotel for an evening of learning, fun and relationship building.

Keynote speakers

Andy Lopata

Event agenda

Networking over coffee
Welcome and introductions
Expert Panel
Networking and refreshments
Showcase: Tony Coll
Keynote: Andy Lopata
Adjourn to the bar

The venue

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Caroline Cavanagh

Regional President - South West

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PSA South West May 2023: What did the Romans, I mean PSA, ever do for us??

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