PSA South West March 2024: It’s the little things that make the difference

07 March|17:30 - 21:30|Guyers House Hotel, Chippenham - See full address

About this event

There is the glamorous side of speaking; the applause, the accolades, the recognition… and there is all the stuff that can be a little less exciting, but if you don’t do that well, the glamour can be a little harder to reach.

In our meeting this month we are looking at those little things that by addressing, can help bring some of that fun stuff closer!


How to Fix Lazy Websites – SEO Success Without the Frustration – With Chris Davidson

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) frustrates many business owners, and understandably so. Although there is no shortage of information, much of it appears conflicting, especially to ‘non techies.’

It’s unclear where the ‘truth’ lies, so it’s almost impossible to know where to start.

COVID changed all our business models and a website that attracts and converts high quality leads is now an essential asset for speakers.

SEO is one of the three ways to drive traffic to a website—and it’s the smartest, as it simultaneously delivers two results; it both grows your traffic volumes and increases the overall effectiveness of your website.

This session cuts through the ‘noise’ and nonsense. Whether you’ve already tried SEO but not achieved the results you were hoping for or whether you are starting from scratch, you’ll leave knowing where to start and what to do next to increase the effectiveness of your website.

What you will take away from this session includes an understanding of:

  1. The number of ways to get traffic to a website.
  2. The difference between your website’s skeleton and it’s muscles.
  3. The importance of website structure.
  4. The importance of content structure (plus examples).
  5. How to create a better lead capture system.


Mind your Impact – With Fiona Bennett

With the climate crisis seemingly spiralling out of control, and social disparity only worsening, who is responsible for fixing this colossal mess that we are all living in?

Corporates? Governments? Charities?

Actually, everyone can make a difference!

Your motivation to do this may be to do more to help, but by helping the crisis, you can also differentiate your business and Stand Out in doing so from other speakers.

In her talk, Fiona reveals the pragmatic steps every business can embed at the heart of their operations to make that positive impact.

Keynote speakers

Chris Davidson
Fiona Bennett
Co-Regional President - PSA South East
Chris Davidson

Chris started working in IT before the term ‘information technology’ existed. He founded his consultancy, Active Presence, in 2002 and launched the annual Worldwide Digital Footprint Survey in 2017. The survey reports are challenging and have motivated many speakers to take action to improve their online image.

In February 2023 Chris published Why Your Website Doesn’t Work. This is the lead title in a collection of books under the Website Wisdom banner. He published the second title, Websites for Business Managers, in November ’23.

Also in 2023, Chris launched a new service, Easeo (pronounced ‘ease-oh’), standing for Easy Affordable SEO. This service helps business owners optimize their websites in a cost effective way.

Websites are easy. Effective, highly engaging business websites are hard. Having one will make your life better and your business more successful. Chris can help you. Ready?

Fiona Bennett - Co-Regional President - PSA South East

Fiona Bennett – aka “The Social Impact Crusader” is on a mission to help businesses find simple, pragmatic ways to drive social value AND growth. As well as holding an MBA with a specialism in social enterprise, Fiona draws on over 20 years’ experience working at a senior leader level in business and finance transformation across tech startups, to multi-nationals, public sector bodies and non-profits. Fiona shares her stories while employing humour to inspire audiences and equip them with practical takeaways to make lasting positive and impactful change.

Event agenda

Join us for a cuppa and chat with colleagues
A value packed event including a short break for some light refreshments
Ongoing networking opportunities in the bar

The venue

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Caroline Cavanagh

Regional President - South West

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PSA South West March 2024: It’s the little things that make the difference

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