PSA South West July 2024: Making the dull, exciting and the difficult, easy

04 July|18:00 - 21:30|Guyers House Hotel, Chippenham - See full address

About this event

There are two challenges that many speakers face:

  • Making what we love and are enthusiastic about as exciting to others as it is to us
  • Pricing. (No more needed on that one!!)

And that is what we are addressing at PSA South West this July.

And it will be a content packed session – no showcases, no informal exercises and games, just full on, hands on learning so that you can leave the room and put those skills into practice, with confidence, straight away.

It’s always a temptation to say that this is a meeting you should not miss, but really – this is a meeting you should not miss if you are serious about developing your speaking business and securing more repeat business at the price you deserve.

And as always, alongside the learning, we will fill the room with laughter, a massive positive energy and further opportunities to strengthen friendships and make new ones.

And if you are relatively new to speaking, we welcome you with open arms. Both speakers will be embracing of people at all levels of their speaking career and help you reach the next rung on the ladder.

Our first session will be a 2 hour workshop with pricing expert David Abbott

It’s a sleeves-rolled-up chance to get around the table with David and learn what he has gleaned in his years as a PSA speaker. We’ll share our different approaches, learn from each other, and learn from David who will detail the strategy he uses for deciding on and then communicating his price. He will suggest improvements, share tips and overall help everyone to earn more from speaking, workshops, training or whatever you do.

The key takeaways will include:

  1. Finding out how a pricing expert approaches pricing
  2. Getting specific ideas and suggestions to improve your pricing
  3. Be enthused to try out a few things that will improve your profitability

Our evening will then move on to look at…

How to make a difficult or dull subject interesting with Malcolm Budd

Some subjects may be interesting only to those who live and breathe them. But should audiences and clients suffer boredom, indifference or lack of engagement because the specialist topics that are our passion are not necessarily theirs?

Shouldn’t we be enabled to deliver the core messages to them in such a way that they leave energised, with a clear call to action and maybe even a smile?

With 15+ years of speaking and training in regulatory controls, Mal Budd gives an insight into principles he uses to turn a dull subject into something relevant, engaging and sometimes even fun!

Key takeaways include:

  • How to turn subjects that may be considered ‘heavy’ or dull, into talks that are interesting and engaging
  • The 7 principles Malcolm used in his experience of speaking about export controls and sanctions, that he used to inspire and engage.
  • How to reflect on those principles and apply them to areas of your talks to increase impact.

Keynote speakers

David Abbott
Malcolm Budd
David Abbott

David is an international speaker, helping audiences to discover simple ways to improve their pricing.

After studying Engineering Science and Economics at Oxford he worked in marketing and business management. He ran a £56m mail order company where pricing is crucial, and has held senior marketing roles in a wide variety of industries. He currently helps clients develop and execute marketing strategies that help them to out-compete their competition.

He applies psychology research into consumer behaviour to business and marketing. He illustrates everything with real examples of marketing in action.

Malcolm Budd

Mal trained as a lawyer before spending 35 years with global industries in commercial and regulatory compliance roles.

At Rolls-Royce plc, Mal led teams delivering export control compliance across it’s global operations, often to people who didn’t really want to engage! At conferences and delivering training around the world, he has used principles of “entertainment” to make a complicated and dull subject more interesting and engaging. Now with his own consultancy business.

Mal delivers risk-based proportionate compliance solutions and training to SME’s and corporates to help them navigate the complex world of regulatory compliance and keep them out of court!

Event agenda

Enjoy a cuppa after your journey whilst chatting with other speakers
Workshop with David Abbott
Refreshment break and more time for networking
Keynote with Malcolm Budd
Closing thoughts
Home time via the bar for more chatting should you wish

The venue

Get in touch with the organiser

Caroline Cavanagh

Regional President - South West

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PSA South West July 2024: Making the dull, exciting and the difficult, easy

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