PSA South West February 2024: You won’t want to miss this!

01 February|17:30 - 21:30|Guyers House Hotel, Chippenham - See full address

About this event

No really, you will regret missing this! And I am so confident in saying that, I am going to say no more than, “Read on and just see what value this meeting is going to give you as a speaker!”


Keynote from Julie Holmes
Title: Be an AI-Empowered Speaker: 10 Ways to use AI to sell more, serve better, and save time

Ready to transform your speaking career with a sprinkle of AI wizardry? In this energizing session, Julie will dive into how AI can be your secret weapon in the world of professional speaking.

Picture this: your speech writing and content development, supercharged with AI insights. We’ll explore how tools like ChatGPT can infuse creativity and freshness into your presentations, setting you apart from the crowd. But that’s just the beginning.

Discover how AI can fine-tune social media, making your digital footprint as impactful as your stage presence.

And email pitches? Get ready for some AI-enhanced strategies that will have your inbox working smarter, not harder.

We’re keeping some of our best AI secrets under wraps for now, but expect a blend of practical tips and innovative strategies that will leave you inspired. This talk is your ticket to becoming an AI-empowered speaker, ready to sell more, serve better, and save a heap of time.

This is the first time Julie has delivered this talk to the PSA so come along and be one of the first to learn these skills from her:


Vocal Skills Workshop from Caroline King

You know how some people have a voice that resonates with you deeply and has you hanging on wanting to hear more?

Caroline guides leaders to do this naturally – without stress – so that they are consistently heard and valued more highly.

As a speaker you want to connect and command presence and impact with your audience – in any setting. Through a series of practical exercises, you will gain the ability to speak from a more natural, authentic and powerful vocal resonance that doesn’t need to be ‘switched on’ or projected with overpowering force.

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover how to use the full range of your natural, resonant voice
  • Learn how to warm up your voice effectively to make presenting and speaking easier
  • Understand why developing vocal skills is vital for effective communication


And all of this in the beautiful setting of Guyers House Hotel – a venue that rarely fails to get our first time visitors commenting on how lovely it is!

Also expect all of the standard PSA meeting offerings: Plenty of networking opportunties, a showcase and an abundance of opportunity so learn how to speal more and speak better!

Keynote speakers

Julie Holmes
Caroline King
Julie Holmes

You probably know Julie as a fellow Fellow. She specialises in AI, tech and innovation, and is an inventor & tech founder who helps leaders and sales professionals become AI-empowered to save time, sell more, and serve better.

Caroline King

The Founder of Vocal Assets, Caroline focuses on helping you to show up as your best you and communicate with style, resonance and gravitas.

She sang with The London Philharmonic Choir, performing in some of the best concert halls in the world. One of her fondest memories was recording Mahler Eighth Symphony under the baton of Klaus Tennstedt which received the Grammy Award for The Best Choral Performance in the 30th Grammy Awards in 1988.

She was the Principal of 6 Stagecoach Performing Arts Schools for 14 years turning over £500,000 per annum. Many students carried on into the profession like Katie Norris who is an up and coming comedian and has supported the likes Hal Cruttenden in his recent UK tour.

Event agenda

Join us for a cuppa and chat with colleagues
A value packed event including a short break for some light refreshments
Ongoing networking opportunities in the bar

The venue

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Caroline Cavanagh

Regional President - South West

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PSA South West February 2024: You won’t want to miss this!

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