PSA South West 11th July 2023: The two demons of speaking!

11 July|18:00 - 21:30| - See full address

About this event

There are two things that can cause many speakers to tremble:

  • Speaking for a short period of time. “Give me 45 mins over 8 mins any day!!”
  • And using humour well (unless you are called Jeremy Nicholas!)

So in this month’s meeting, we are going to face those challenges ….and turn those trembles into waves of confidence!

And as always here in the South West, we do it with huge amounts of fun, lots of practical application and perhaps most importantly, do it alongside friends!

Are you ready to join us?


“Finding the Funny – how to put more humour into your talks” by Alan Stevens

There is an old saying in professional speaking: “If you want to make money, include some humour.”

That does not mean you have to tell jokes, in fact that is a really bad idea. But it does mean that you need to find the humour in your topic and how to use it sparingly but well – like a good seasoning.

Alan Stevens has been running comedy events for decades. He is going to show us why, when and how to use humour in our talks to make them more engaging and entertaining – and worth more too!

Want to know more? Click here to watch a short message from Alan!


Short is Beautiful – by Marcus Orlovsky

For many speakers, give them a choice between a 45 minute keynote and an 8 minute talk, and there is little need for thinking time! Giving short talks can be challenging and there is a real skill behind creating them.

In this session you will:

  • Learn now to make your short talk more memorable
  • Learn how to get invited to the right stage
  • Learn how TEDx communities work

So if you’ve seen some great TEDx talks and had an inclination to speak, host or organise TEDx or want to get your ideas spread in a concise way, this session will give you the insights and routes to make it possible.


There will also be a Showcase entitled: The Power of the Pause/The Gift in the Gap.


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Keynote speakers

Alan Stevens
Marcus Orlovsky
Alan Stevens

Alan Stevens has been running comedy events for decades. He is a Fellow of the PSA and will bring to our meeting a wealth of experience in what works and what does not from both his own extensive experience, and from watching many, many speakers!

Marcus Orlovsky

Marcus Orlovsky hosts a number of TEDx and other events across geographical Europe.

He coaches speakers and TEDx teams to optimise the experience for all.

Event agenda

Arrival for networking
Meeting starts
Refreshment break
Meeting ends

The venue

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Caroline Cavanagh

Regional President - South West

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PSA South West 11th July 2023: The two demons of speaking!

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