PSA South East March 2024: Celebrate your speaking business

05 March|17:30 - 21:15|Reigate Manor - PSA South East - See full address

About this event

March is the month of exploring the theme of Celebrating Your Speaking Business.
We explore where we can celebrate the people we work with and inspire to go to make impact, wins and success.

In honour of International Women’s Day, we have invited some celebrated female speakers to join us discuss how they stand out in their fields, embrace their successes and grow:


Caroline Cavanagh – Imposter Syndrome: The What’s, Why’s & How’s behind this concept

Imposter syndrome has become a commonly used label to relate to the feeling of being unworthy. But who doesn’t feel unworthy at times? Does this mean we all have this syndrome?

In this talk we explore the facts and fiction behind Imposter Syndrome and understand why it is being perceived as such a negative and debilitating concept.

You will gain new insights that will give you clarity on the feelings behind it and more importantly, understand how you can turn those feelings into a positive energy that can support both personal and business success.

From this talk you will learn:

  • How you can use your own mental strength to turn your Imposter into an advocate that will help you to thrive.
  • The background behind this syndrome, some simple psychological concepts to build mental strength, and some very practical techniques to take the brakes off and turn the power to growth on.
  • How to change feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence and turn these perceived weaknesses into an opportunity for growth.


We are also delighted to welcome Jackie Handy.

Keynote speakers

Caroline Cavanagh
Regional President - South West
Jackie Handy
Caroline Cavanagh - Regional President - South West

Caroline Cavanagh is a published author, national award winning coach, professional speaker and anxiety specialist. Above all, she helps people grow mentally stronger and to perform at their best.

She has spoken at international events, at schools and Universities, and supported organisations with tools to increase the mental health of their staff.

Caroline helps people to understand the roll of anxiety and gain skills that can be applied straight away to increase resilience and mental performance and enhance all areas of their lives.

Jackie Handy

Jackie Handy is a Fellow of the PSA and has supported hundreds of individuals in organisations globally to accelerate their performance.

Formerly a top performing manager for 2 decades, she now works with others to give back the recipe for leadership and inclusion success. Through her corporate work as well as her own personal journey, Jackie has developed a deeper understanding of human behaviour. Why we do what we do, as well as how we respond to the behaviour of others.

She was formerly the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Director for the PSA and believes in creating space for all voices to shine.

Event agenda

Showcases x2
Keynote 1 - Caroline Cavanagh
Break/ Networking
Back in the room
Keynote 2 - Jackie Handy
Wrap Up

The venue

Get in touch with the organiser

Fiona Bennett

Co-Regional President - PSA South East

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PSA South East March 2024: Celebrate your speaking business

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