PSA South East 5th September 2023: Customer experience & eighteenth-century selfies!

05 September|17:30 - 21:15|Reigate Manor - PSA South East - See full address

About this event

Throughout 2023 in the South East we’ve been exploring different aspects of Professional Speaking at The PSA.

Our members (and potential members) make a living through speaking in so many different formats and we’ve been hearing from many of them, learning from each other and sharing best practice.

Join us for our September meeting at The Reigate Manor to continue on this fascinating journey.


We will be challenged and entertained by Charles Burns who shares the art of the eighteenth-century selfie! Charles is a professional Silhouettist, and he will initially raise your awareness of an obscure but fascinating part of our British cultural heritage and then reminded you that, as human beings, we do not completely rely on information technology for our existence.


We also learn from Steve Catchick who is exploring how we differentiate ourselves to stand out and deliver an amazing experience for our customers.


Please do join us, for fun, networking, inspiration, and a brilliant evening out.

Book your tickets now and we will look forward to seeing you there!

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Keynote speakers

Steve Catchick
Charles Burns
Steve Catchick

Steve Catchick is the founder of The Secret Salesforce Programme and equips businesses to develop a team of Brand Ambassadors in order to drive engagement, reduce churn and contribute to profit.

He has been at the front line of customer service for over 25 years, mostly with technology companies. His award- winning customer service programme at IBM, contributed to a substantial increase in sales, customer satisfaction scores and a record high employee morale.

He speaks, coaches and runs masterclasses to business leaders and organisations such as IBM, Capita, DWP and SME’s on winning sales through service, managing difficult customers, high impact communication and presentation skills. Steve shows how everyone in an organisation is in some way, in sales, in service and should contribute to profit.

Steve is past Regional President of the PSA Thames Valley Region and a military veteran. Fun, friendly and engaging, when he’s not working, he can be found listening or dancing to Rock’n’Roll and Swing bands.

Charles Burns

After leaving art college with a degree in Fine Art, Charles Burns spent the next twelve years working as a street artist in London’s Covent Garden. It was while working there that he taught himself the then-vanished art of cutting silhouettes.
After his diagnosis with autism-spectrum disorder in his early 40s Charles made a conscious decision to allow his growing obsession with silhouettes to take over his life. If you ask, he will happily tell you how the obscure artistic niche of the silhouette portrait has enabled him to become an author, entertainer, film presenter, historian, speaker and online artist.

The venue

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Rob May

Regional President - South East

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PSA South East 5th September 2023: Customer experience & eighteenth-century selfies!

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