PSA Scotland September 2023: Speak More and Speak Better with Last Minute Speaker.COM

26 September|18:15 - 21:15|Mercure Hotel - Glasgow - See full address

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Where: Mercure Glasgow City Hotel, 201 Ingram St, Glasgow G1 1DQ
For anyone travelling by train, Queen Street Station is approx. a 5min walk from the venue.

Hi. A very warm welcome from our Regional President Jim Boyd and all the team at PSA Scotland.

It’s already September – how did that happen? September sees us back in Glasgow.


Our guest speaker this month is Yvonne Emery – the current PSA National Speaker Factor Co-ordinator. Yvonne will be challenging us to think about how we can better respond to last-minute or unexpected speaking opportunities. So, this session will be positively oozing with ‘Speak More’.


In support of ‘Speak Better’ and to encourage more uptake for Showcase slots, we will be running a workshop on ‘How to Provide Effective Feedback for Showcases’.


As always, you will also have time to relax, connect and network with fellow members and guests over some food and drink. Tea/coffee and a light buffet supper will be provided.

To take advantage of our ‘early bird’ offer, please ensure you purchase your ticket no later than Tue 12th Sep.


Keynote: Last Minute Speaker.COM – with Yvonne Emery

This talk will help take away any concerns about being prepared to speak at any moment. We will explore your talk topics and how you can put together podcasts, webinars, workshops and You Tube material very quickly.

You can be an asset to Network Hosts, Radio programmes, Organisations that you want to speak to and build your own products as a thought leader by using these techniques.

Be ready at the drop of a hat and avoid procrastinating when opportunities arise.

Speak More and Speak Better.

In her talk, our guest Keynote speaker Yvonne Emery, will provide the following key takeaways…

  • How to build your confidence to speak more in lots of different circumstances
  • Formulas for building a talk
  • Being the go-to person for speaking in your area of expertise
  • A list of topics for podcast or You Tube talks


Workshop: How to Provide Effective Feedback for Showcases

This highly interactive session will explore how we can better support our Showcase presenters with more effective feedback to help them to ‘Speak Better’. Using the PSA ‘Speaker Factor’ judging criteria as a reference point, we will examine what makes a good speech ‘good’ and most importantly, for professional speakers, ‘bookable’.

If time permits, we will watch and review a publicly available speech with which to apply our learnings.

This session will provide the following key takeaways…

  • Clarity on the purpose and benefit of Showcasing
  • Useful criteria to apply when assessing a Showcase (or any) speech
  • Criteria best *avoided* when assessing a Showcase (or any) speech
  • How to present Showcase feedback in an effective manner


Register for PSA Scotland’s value-packed September event today. It will be held at Mercure Glasgow City Hotel, 201 Ingram St, Glasgow G1 1DQ, on Tuesday 26th September 2023.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Keynote speakers

Yvonne Emery
Yvonne Emery

Yvonne has been a member of the PSA since 2007 and is currently the Speaker Factor Co-ordinator. As a Property Investment expert she has spoken at hundreds of Networking events, Conferences and once was the warm-up Speaker to Frank Bruno. She now mentors Property Investors, CEOs and Board Members to support their business growth.

During Lockdown she was in great demand by many organisations who took their Networking Events online as they knew she could put together presentations very quickly.

Yvonne’s talks are primarily about Property Investing and teaching Investors how to build property portfolios for passive income. She is also active in the Trustee sector and was fortunate to be a Founding Trustee of Hope into Action, a Housing Charity which helps Churches to house the homeless. She created the property model that they use to this day to ensure each property pays for itself, and the Charity has grown from 1 property with 2 tenants in 2009 and now has over 100 houses with more than 250 tenants every night.

Since the start of the East Midlands PSA region 4 years ago Yvonne has launched herself into everything Speaker Factor as she loves to host events and to coach new speakers through the competition.

Event agenda

Someone will be around so feel-free to arrive early
Light buffet - Meet and Mingle Networking Section
Welcome and share Your Good News
Workshop: How to Provide Effective Feedback for Showcases
Tea/coffee break
Keynote: ‘Last Minute Speaker.COM’ – with Yvonne Emery
Wrap Up
Session Ends and we can chat in the bar

The venue

Get in touch with the organiser

Jim Boyd

Regional President - Scotland

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PSA Scotland September 2023: Speak More and Speak Better with Last Minute Speaker.COM

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