PSA Scotland May 2024: The Speaker’s Toolkit: Practical Strategies for Success

11 May|09:00 - 15:00|Mercure Hotel - Glasgow - See full address

About this event

As speakers we all look for those hints and tips can take us to the next level. this is the one you want to attend from aspiring speakers to seasoned pros alike.

We will be hearing from 2 amazing speakers: 1 past Regional President Richard Hagen, and one current Regional President Olga Geidane.

Richard Hagen will be giving us AN INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP (2 HOURS!):
If you know Richard, you’ll already know he can talk—a lot—BUT this is a very interactive workshop where you’ll be doing most of the talking and work.

BRING ALONG messaging, text, copy, networking introductions, etc. that you feel aren’t quite working or make you come across as pretty generic. You’ll learn the five strategic elements that create powerful persuasion and impact. And after each one, you’ll experiment, applying fresh tools to your current messaging, text, etc.

Olga Geidane will be giving us an engaging and insightful talk “7 Costly Mistakes to Avoid for Speakers” attendees will discover the invaluable knowledge necessary for success in the competitive world of professional speaking. With a focus on real-world experiences and practical advice, this presentation will guide aspiring and seasoned speakers alike through the pitfalls and challenges that can hinder their growth.

Attendees will learn about costly mistakes to avoid to excel in their speaking businesses. By highlighting these mistakes and providing effective strategies to overcome them, this talk equips speakers with the tools to elevate their own and their business performance, expand their influence, and ultimately maximise their earning potential!

With her 3 key takeaways:

  • Top 7 mistakes to avoid in your speaking business
  • What can you do instead?
  • Three formulas to level up your speaking business in 2024!

There will be time for plenty of networking and getting to know each other!

Keynote speakers

Richard Hagen
Olga Geidane
PSA Virtual Region President
Richard Hagen

Richard Hagen is Managing Director of mPowr Publishing. Through Triumvirate LTD Richard and Martyn Pentecost work personally with speakers, coaches, trainers, consultants and entrepreneurs to create unique intellectual property and then develop and publish online courses and books rooted in this IP. And yes, Richard did spend twenty years as a member of a Catholic Religious Order of preachers, teachers and storytellers where he cut his teeth in the world of publishing in the UK’s largest Catholic publishing house.

Olga Geidane - PSA Virtual Region President

If you are looking for an impactful and motivational speaker on self-leadership, transformation and change, you just found her! Olga Geidane is a global (she spoke across five continents!), thought-provoking speaker and award-winning mindset coach working globally with high achievers and C-suite executives.

Olga is an international best-selling author. She co-authored a few books with Sharon Lechter, Denis Waitley, Erik Swanson, Steve Sims, Jim Cathcart, Michael E. Gerber, Marie Diamond, and others.

A big part and passion of her life are helping couples transform their relationships through intensive 5-day retreats she delivers in-person and online with her husband, Manel Sanchez.

She was the youngest foreign female to be a Regional President of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK for two years. She is on the board of VSAI: Virtual Speaking Association International.
In her spare time, she travels, takes loads of photos and usually sunbathes whilst brainstorming on her next innovative idea somewhere in the Canaries.

View Olga’s website here:
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PSA Scotland May 2024: The Speaker’s Toolkit: Practical Strategies for Success

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