PSA Scotland June 2023: Pitch Your Way to First Class Service

19 June|18:15 - 21:15|Apex Waterloo - Edinburgh - See full address

About this event

Where: APEX Waterloo Place Hotel, Edinburgh EH1 3BG
For anyone travelling by train, Waverley Station is approx. a 5min walk from the venue.

June 2023 sees PSA Scotland welcome back two of its own PSA Fellows – Mel Sherwood and Stuart Harris, who will be helping you ‘Pitch Your Way to First Class Service’, which promises to be an exciting and engaging experience for all those looking to enhance their speaking skills.


In the first of two Masterclasses, Mel will enhance our recent focus on ‘Speak More’ by challenging you to create, improve and refine your speaking ‘pitch’. In his Masterclass, Stuart will emphasise the need to exceed expectations to consistently provide ‘First Class’ customer service.


So, don’t miss out on this chance to develop your skills, meet like-minded individuals, and take the next step in your speaking journey. Register now for PSA Scotland’s June 2023 event and unlock your full potential as a speaker.

Tea/coffee and a light buffet supper will be provided.


Masterclass session: Create Your ‘Pitchtastic’ Elevator Pitch – with Mel Sherwood

How do you answer when someone asks ‘What do you do?’

Are you ready with an answer that clearly outlines what you speak about and makes people curious to find out more?

Opportunities to promote our speaking businesses are everywhere and we need to be ready to ‘pitch’ at any given moment. That may be a one line answer in response to the question ‘What do you do?’ or a longer ‘pitch’ at a meeting or networking event.

As speakers, where communication is our business, it is crucial to be able to confidently, clearly and consistently convey who we are and what we do.

This session will give you the opportunity to:

  • Refine your positioning statement or your ‘conversational pitch’
  • Develop or further enhance your 1 minute ‘elevator pitch’
  • Practice delivering your pitch and receive constructive feedback from your peers
  • Share what you do so that your speaker colleagues know who you work with and how to refer you


Masterclass session: Delivering a ‘Fillet Steak Service’ in a ‘Mince Economy’
– with Stuart Harris

In these days when customers need to feel valued and businesses are being ranked by their Net Promoter Score or Customer Satisfaction Score, you had better be delivering a First Class Service, otherwise, your customers will go elsewhere.

In the Hospitality Industry, customers don’t mind paying the price of Fillet Steak if they are getting Fillet Steak. What they don’t want to do is feel like they are paying Fillet Steak prices and getting served Mince.

So, are you providing your customers with a ‘Fillet Steak Service’ or is it ‘Mince’?

In this session, Stuart will demonstrate some of his sure-fire ways to make sure your customers are more than happy to pay a full price for a full service.

In this short Masterclass, you will learn a number of techniques on how to provide an Excellent Customer Experience including:

  • How to deal with Brand Disloyalty
  • Learning how to exceed expectations
  • Being able to answer that tricky question… “How much do you charge?”
  • Go out tomorrow & up your game by TWO


Showcase: Our member Kevin McMahon will deliver a 10min ‘Showcase’.


Register for PSA Scotland’s value-packed June event today. It will be held at APEX Waterloo Place Hotel, on Monday 19th Jun 2023.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Keynote speakers

Mel Sherwood
Stuart Harris
Mel Sherwood

Mel Sherwood is a Pitch and Presentation Specialist, Author of ‘The Authority Guide to Pitching Your Business’ and Founder of The RED Effect™. She works with business leaders, teams and individuals who want to increase their impact and influence by communicating with confidence, credibility and charisma. An Australian now based in Scotland, Mel is an award-winning speaker, trainer and coach and combines over 25 years’ experience in business with a background as an actor, presenter and singer.

Stuart Harris

Stuart Harris AKA TheTartanTrainer – Stuart doesn’t just help people… he works with them.

He works with businesses (not organisations) looking to win more customers, serve them better and keep them longer.
With 40+ years in Hospitality, Sales and Customer Service, Stuart has always been focused on finding out what his customer or client wants, personalising what’s on offer and pricing it individually.

Since his years as a teenager (Before the wheel and colour was invented, he would always ask himself the question “how can I Upsell or Cross-sell here?”

From 2006 to 2017 Stuart would tailor every Presentation and Workshop depending on what he worked out with his client. Slidedecks, Work Books, follow up PDFs, etc, everyone single event was different and his materials were

That all changed in July 2017 in Washington DC, when he heard Laurie Guest, CSP ask an NSA audience of 3000+ professional speakers to “put your hand in the air if you have a price in mind when your client asks you “So how much is
this going to cost me ?”

Event agenda

Someone will be around so feel-free to arrive early
Light buffet - Meet and Mingle Networking Section
Share Your Good News
Membership Insight
Member showcase
Masterclass 1: Create Your 'Pitchtastic' Elevator Pitch – with Mel Sherwood
Tea/coffee break
Masterclass Delivering a ‘Fillet Steak Service’ in a ‘Mince Economy’ – with Stuart Harris
Wrap Up
Session Ends and we can chat in the bar

The venue

Apex Waterloo Place – Edinburgh

APEX Waterloo Place Hotel

Get in touch with the organiser

Jim Boyd

Regional President - Scotland

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PSA Scotland June 2023: Pitch Your Way to First Class Service

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