PSA Scotland December 2023: Mastering your speaking business & Stand Out or stand aside!

14 December|18:15 - 21:15|Apex Waterloo - Edinburgh - See full address

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Where: APEX Waterloo Place Hotel, Edinburgh EH1 3BG
For anyone travelling by train, Waverley Station is approx. a 5min walk from the venue.

2023 has come and is almost gone – time has flown this year. However, before we see 2023 out, for our last event of this year we are absolutely delighted to welcome both our new National President Chantal Cornelius and our Finance Director William Buist. Our speakers this month both bring their expertise to help you Speak More and Speak Better. In her keynote ‘Stand Out – or stand aside!’, Chantal will be explaining the importance of developing strong relationships with both your clients and audiences. Additionally, in his keynote, ‘Mastering your speaking business ‘, William will be challenging you to think beyond expertise to mastery of your subject – by choice.

So, don’t miss out on this chance to develop your skills, meet like-minded individuals, and take the next step in your speaking journey. Register now for PSA Scotland’s December 2023 event and unlock your full potential as a speaker.

Tea/coffee and a light buffet supper will be provided.
Register for PSA Scotland’s December 2023 event today. It will be held at APEX Waterloo Place Hotel, on Thursday 14th Dec 2023.

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Keynote session 1: Mastering your speaking business – with William Buist

You’re an expert at what you do. You get good feedback, and your clients like what you provide. You see success; nothing is broken, yet you know it isn’t as good as it should be. Your expertise is essential but, is it enough?

This talk will show you how you can be stronger and even more successful by intentionally becoming the master of your chosen field. Mastery is a journey that only a few will undertake, not because only a few can be selected but because few make the choice. This talk uncovers the nature of the journey so that you can make the right choices.

Key takeaways from this session include:

  • Understanding the journey to mastery as a speaker.
  • Learn why some speakers stand out in their markets.
  • Know what you need to do next to build a better speaker business.


Keynote session 2: Stand Out – or stand aside! – with Chantal Cornelius

Do you stand out as a speaker? Do you really stand out? Or do potential clients struggle to know what makes you different and why they should book you?
As a speaker, you can’t stand out as being the best in your field unless you’re completely clear on what makes you stand out.
We work in a very competitive industry – one in which others are competing for the same speaking gigs as us. What makes you different to the others in your area? What makes you REALLY different? Traditional USPs (Unique Selling Points) do not work for speakers. This session will introduce you to a much better and more effective way of showing your clients and prospects what makes you truly different, helping you to book the speaking engagements you really want. If you want to stand out in your business, join us at this event!

Key takeaways from this session include:

  • You will understand the importance of building strong relationships with your clients.
  • You will learn why it’s not about you, but about your audience.
  • You will gain a unique insight into building emotional connections with your clients, which allow you to build the strong relationships you need.

Showcase: We have a member ‘Showcase’.

Keynote speakers

William Buist
Chantal Cornelius
FPSA – National President 2023-2024
William Buist

William is a mentor to business leaders and the author of the book, Intentional Mastery. He specialises in guiding his clients along the journey to mastery so that they can deliver consistently excellent value to their clients. William is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA UK) who speaks on building better business and intentional mastery.
William is committed to lifelong learning; he’s a keen photographer and skier and enjoys walking.

Chantal Cornelius - FPSA – National President 2023-2024

Chantal Cornelius established Appletree Marketing in 2000 and has helped hundreds of coaches, consultants and speakers to grow their businesses.

She provides simple, practical, down to earth advice to help businesses grow. She’s written two books on marketing and business survival. She’s working on her third, to show businesses how to stand out in a competitive industry, using emotional connections in their marketing, to build relationships with their clients.

Chantal is a Fellow of the PSA. She was the Marketing Director for the PSA for four years and is now our National President. She lives in the UK, working and speaking around the world.

Event agenda

Someone will be around so feel-free to arrive early
Light buffet - Meet and Mingle Networking Section
Share Your Good News
Membership Insight, News and Needs
Member showcase
Keynote1: Mastering your speaking business – with William Buist
Tea/coffee break
Keynote 2: Stand Out – or stand aside! – with Chantal Cornelius
Vote of Thanks
Wrap Up
Session Ends and we can chat in the bar

The venue

Apex Waterloo Place – Edinburgh

APEX Waterloo Place Hotel

Get in touch with the organiser

Jim Boyd

Regional President - Scotland

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PSA Scotland December 2023: Mastering your speaking business & Stand Out or stand aside!

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