PSA North West March 2024: How to Supercharge your personal & professional performance!

14 March|18:00 - 21:00|The Village Hotel - Warrington - See full address

About this event

A warm welcome to PSA North West from our Regional President, Kerry Lockyer and the crew.

The PSA theme for 2024 is “Stand Out” and we’ll continue to bring that to life to support your personal, professional and business growth!

This months’ meeting we have TWO fabulous speakers who will help you to focus on developing YOU and YOUR BUSINESS – as well as giving you time to relax, connect and network over some food and drink.

Location: The Village Hotel, 110 Centre Park Square, Warrington, WA1 1QA.

Room: “Motivation”, Lower ground floor – head towards the gym area.


The Secret Salesforce – How to win Sales through Service with Steve Catchick

How do you differentiate yourself or your organisation?
The one distinction is the customer experience, which is today’s competitive battlefield over which you have total control.

Service used to be considered the back door to sales, but today it is the key to unlock success.

In this talk, Steve looks at the human inter-action and the mindset of individuals and leaders between the company and the customer. He shows us how the right mindset can drive engagement and win sales.

You will leave this session…

  1. Understanding the three archetypes, their behaviours and mindsets
  2. Being aware of how you could potentially be losing 50-70% of your revenue overnight!


Super POWER Performance Mindset with Courtney Orange

Want to know to adapt and train the MIND, Body and soul to perform like a champion?

Life’s Performance begins when we take our 1st steps through our education life and continues to flourish as we enter the working world. We constantly strive to do better, showing our results off and become energised with every progressive step.

If you want to find out the secrets of how you can enhance your POWER PERFORMANCE Mindset and become the best in your job role or industry then, you will learn…

  • Power mindset tools that will out last any challenge
  • Game changing strategies to standout above the rest
  • Rapport & communication tips to build powerful relationships


Grab your tickets now and continue your 2024 with impact and intent!

Keynote speakers

Steve Catchick
Courtney Orange
Steve Catchick

Steve Catchick is the founder of The Secret Salesforce Programme and equips businesses to develop a team of Brand Ambassadors in order to drive engagement, reduce churn and contribute to profit.

He has been at the front line of customer service for over 25 years, mostly with technology companies. His award- winning customer service programme at IBM, contributed to a substantial increase in sales, customer satisfaction scores and a record high employee morale.

He speaks, coaches and runs masterclasses to business leaders and organisations such as IBM, Capita, DWP and SME’s on winning sales through service, managing difficult customers, high impact communication and presentation skills. Steve shows how everyone in an organisation is in some way, in sales, in service and should contribute to profit.

Steve is past Regional President of the PSA Thames Valley Region and a military veteran. Fun, friendly and engaging, when he’s not working, he can be found listening or dancing to Rock’n’Roll and Swing bands.

Courtney Orange

Born in Zimbabwe, Courtney Orange took up gymnastics at the age of 7 years old. As a 6x times National Champion of the country at 18 years old, he pursued his Olympic dreams by heading to further his training in London, UK.

Working a full time job, living alone and with no funding, Courtney went on to compete at the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games.

A knee injury forced Courtney to quit gymnastics and utilise his talents in becoming a dancer and street performing acrobat. He created an award winning entertainment agency, managed and facilitated over 500 events.

Courtney now delivers highly INTERACTIVE and engaging talks, keynotes and workshops to schools, colleges, universities, events and organisations, on the topics of Wellbeing, Positive Mindset, Resilience and Peak Performance.

Event agenda

Informal networking
Start and Welcome
Main speaker 1, Steve Catchick
Networking with food and drink
Main speaker 2, Courtney Orange
Wrap-up, final messages and finish
Informal networking

The venue

Get in touch with the organiser

Kerry Lockyer

Regional President - PSA North West

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PSA North West March 2024: How to Supercharge your personal & professional performance!

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