PSA North West January 2024: Adapting style to build relationships and communicate value

18 January|18:00 - 20:45|The Village Hotel - Warrington - See full address

About this event

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A warm welcome to PSA North West from our Regional President, James Perryman and the gang.

The PSA theme for 2024 is “Stand Out” and we’ll continue to bring that to life to support your personal, professional and business growth!

This months’ agenda will help you to understand your strongest personality style, read other people’s styles and know when, why and how to adapt in order to build brilliant relationships, and how to communicate the value you provide to others – as well as giving you time to relax, connect and network over some food and drink.

The evening will also see our 2023 Regional President hand over the reins for 2024!

Location: The Village Hotel, 110 Centre Park Square, Warrington, WA1 1QA.

Room: “Motivation”, Lower ground floor – head towards the gym area.


Adapting style to build relationships and communicate value – With Vicky O’Farrell

Other peoples’ reactions are often in response to your own actions. We live life on auto-pilot, often making assumptions that those around us want to communicate and interact the way WE want to communicate and interact. What if someone said this is not the case and that by living life on auto-pilot you could in fact be alienating people?

This enlightening and interactive session will provide you with an overview of the DISC system, which is said to be one of the most simplistic and memorable of the profiling tools. It’s not about labelling others, putting people in boxes or an excuse for bad behaviour. Instead it’s about recognising, understanding and respecting our differences.

You will leave this session…

  • Understanding your strongest personality style
  • Understanding how to read others
  • Knowing when, why and how to adapt your style


Also speaking on the night is business communication expert, speaker and best-selling author, Carol Benton, who will be sharing her showcase talk “From ‘What’ to ‘So What’ – how to stop talking tech, and start communicating your value”.

Keynote speakers

Vicky O'Farrell
Regional President - London
Vicky O'Farrell - Regional President - London

Vicky is a Professional Speaker, Businesswoman and people expert. After 25 years in the corporate world, predominately in Sales in the construction environment, she set up her business ‘Queen of Behaviours Ltd’.

She had a fascination of people and wanted to understand “why people do, say and react the way they do” and so studied the DISC system. As a qualified, award-winning DISC Practitioner she has given presentations, run workshops and masterclasses with numerous corporations and individuals, helping them understand their team dynamics to build stronger and supportive teams, improve moral, reduce stress, enhance communication and increase productivity.

Vicky’s life motto is “We have one lap of this thing called life and you are in the driving seat. If you’re not happy, indicate and change lanes” and people who have worked with her have said that “Vicky’s passion and enthusiasm is contagious, and she inspires those around her to help themselves”.

Event agenda

Start, welcome and 2023 to 2024 handover
Showcase speaker, Carol Benton
Networking with food and drink
Keynote Speaker - Vicky O'Farrell
Wrap-up, final messages and finish

The venue

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James Perryman

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PSA North West January 2024: Adapting style to build relationships and communicate value

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