PSA North West April 2024: Unlocking the secrets of YOUR high performance!

11 April|17:30 - 21:00|The Village Hotel - Warrington - See full address

About this event

Whether you’re an aspiring speaker or a seasoned professional, this gathering is your ticket to a transformative experience. Join us and become part of a community where innovation, collaboration, and the power of speech converge to shape a future that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Arrival & Networking:
Relax and Connect: Begin your experience with a warm welcome, which sets the tone for an event filled with inspiration and connection. Seize this opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm for transformative dialogue.

Official Kick-off:
Dive into the heart of the event with an official start, where we extend a heartfelt welcome, share exciting news, and celebrate the achievements of our esteemed members. This is not just a meeting; it’s a celebration of growth, collaboration, and the collective spirit of our dynamic community.

Keynote Powerhouses:
Brace yourself for an intellectual feast as we present two stellar keynote speakers.


Bringing Your Brilliant Best – Kate Trafford

Do you want to grow yourself and your business as enjoyably and sustainably as possible?   Are you curious about the contribution you’re uniquely positioned to make as a speaker?

Kate Trafford is a Fellow the PSA, Master Coach and author of Get There, Love Here!   She helps busy professionals drive for their dreams and love the journey!

In this enjoyable and uplifting session, you will discover…

  • The key to bringing your brilliant best to your audiences, your business and your life as a whole
  • How to harness the power of your ‘Autopilot’ so you can enjoy effortless and sustainable success
  • Your unique internal ‘touchstone’ for growth and contribution in 2024 and beyond.


Be You. Not them. Be here. Not when.  James Perryman 

In the pursuit of happiness and success, it can become normal to pin all of your hopes and dreams to a destination.

A destination where your goals are met, life is balanced and where you have reached “happy”.

A moment where your version of ‘high performance’ is a reality.

Or is it someone else’s destination that you’re trying to reach?

What if your happiness and success could be related to your ‘here and now’, where the destination happens as a result of who you are, what you are and everything you know and can offer?

Are you ready for your moment?

In his enlightening and raw talk “Be you. Not them. Be here. Not when”, James will show you how:

  • Achieving your future goals comes from believing in yourself and the actions you take today.
  • Everything you’ve learnt, experienced and done in the past, is what makes the present you.
  • ‘High performance’ should be a way of living in the present, more than a measure of the future.

Keynote speakers

Kate Trafford
James Perryman
Kate Trafford

Kate Trafford is a Master Coach, author and Fellow of the PSA, with over 20 years experience in personal and leadership development. She is author of Get There, Love Here!

Kate helps busy professionals drive for their dreams and love the journey!

James Perryman

James Perryman is a speaker, trainer and coach, working with individuals and businesses to help them discover their potential, and increase their performance. These businesses include O2, and Aston Martin F1.

Prior to this, he enjoyed a 20-year career consulting and delivering change across the span of business areas, engaging with leaders and influencing a culture of growth and development.

In addition to speaking at events, James provides one-to-one coaching to increase people’s resilience, productivity and self-esteem, and runs training courses to a wide variety of clients focussing on communication, management, leadership, high performance and customer excellence.

James brings together his knowledge, skills and own experiences, professionally and personally, to show how self-awareness, self-belief and courage can bring enjoyment and success today, rather than waiting for it to happen tomorrow.

Event agenda

Informal networking
Start and Welcome
Showcase speaker opportunity
Keynote - Kate Trafford
Networking with food and drink
Keynote - James Perryman
Wrap-up, final messages and finish

The venue

Get in touch with the organiser

Kerry Lockyer

Regional President - PSA North West

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PSA North West April 2024: Unlocking the secrets of YOUR high performance!

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