PSA North West 14th September 2023: Breaking stigmas, building bridges and fostering connection

14 September|18:00 - 20:45|The Village Hotel - Warrington - See full address

About this event

A warm welcome to PSA North West from our Regional President, James Perryman and the gang.

The PSA theme for 2023 is “Just One Thing” and we’ll continue to bring that to life to support your personal, professional and business growth!

This months’ agenda will give you the opportunity to hear two fantastic speakers, whose talks will inspire you to re-align to your purpose, communicate confidently and forge meaningful connections to help others around you – as well as giving you time to relax, connect and network over some food and drink.

Location: The Village Hotel, 110 Centre Park Square, Warrington, WA1 1QA.


With his keynote talk “Stand well back”, our main speaker Stephen Whitton shares his own tough story about how he was continually unable to be the real him, until the lid finally fell off and his life collapsed. He’ll describe how he chose a path of hope over despair, and founded a movement specifically to support mental health in predominantly masculine environments – and will light up the audience with optimism and strategies to enable them to support themselves and other around them.

In this bespoke talk for the PSA, Stephen will share his BALLS process and the magical 5-steps for re-aligning oneself to a purpose, allowing you to:

  • Stand “shoulder to shoulder” and support each other
  • Use the Rev Counter analogy to check in with each other
  • Apply the five steps to re-align with your purpose

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Keynote speakers

Stephen Whitton
Regional President - PSA London
Stephen Whitton - Regional President - PSA London

Stephen Whitton is the Founder of [M]enable – the global movement for mental health support in the Automotive Sector. After a successful career of over 35 years in the industry, covering numerous roles from Salesman to Executive Director, he is a renowned authority on employee well-being to achieve results. A passionate speaker whose pragmatic and insightful approach has inspired 1000s of people in audiences across the world. [M]enable was created on the back of Stephen’s own struggles, with a clear purpose and mission – to change cultures in male dominated and performance driven businesses, enabling the Mental Health stigma to be removed.

Event agenda

Start, welcome from the team
Ice Breaker or Bite-size learning activity
"Unlocking the Power of Communication: Building Bridges and Fostering Connection" – Showcase speaker Dominique Mullally
Networking with food and drink
"Stand Well Back” – Main speaker Stephen Whitton
Wrap-up, final messages and finish

The venue

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James Perryman

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PSA North West 14th September 2023: Breaking stigmas, building bridges and fostering connection

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