PSA North East March 2023: From initial call to taking the stage and beyond

08 March|18:00 - 21:00|County Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne - See full address

About this event

Come and join our March event with talks from some of the most experienced speakers in the association, taking us through the entire journey of a speaking engagement: from getting enquiries, to signing clients, to delivering a keynote that gets you booked again.

We’ll be joined by former President Roger Harrop, who has been in the industry for 20 years and spoken to over 30,000 business leaders in 50 countries, and Sarah Fox, a lawyer with years of experience in writing contracts in short, simple, usable ways and who’s leading a one-woman revolution for contracts that you can read, understand and use, whatever your line of business. Frankly, as no-one takes her seriously, she has had to write books to prove it actually can be done.


** A chat with Roger Harrop **

Roger has given keynote speeches and run seminars and masterclasses – from 12 minutes to three days with audiences from just 3 to 1500 and along the way, he’s learned some stuff about the business of speaking:

  • The dos and don’ts of how to get bookings
  • How to get your audience and your clients to love you and want to have you back
  • How to anticipate problems that you might never believe might happen
  • How to up your income per booking
  • How to get paid
  • How to travel as painlessly as possible
  • well as how to to enrich your life, have fun while doing it!


** Creating Trust and Covering Your Backside – The Professional Way. **

Until a company signs on the dotted line (or clicks I agree), they are not yet your client. So your contract is actually part of your marketing materials and needs to reflect your brand, your USP and your tone of voice. Sarah wants your contracts to safeguard your business eg from Icelandic volcanoes, global pandemics and market uncertainty without annoying your clients.
What kind of audience are you aiming at?

Making contracts is easy…but including the right content takes wisdom. Sarah’s talk will explain:

  • The four cornerstones of great content
  • How to adapt your contracts into the new normal
  • Nudging others not to breach your IP rights
  •  The importance of your contract sounding like you (not a lawyer)

Keynote speakers

Roger Harrop
Former PSA President
Sarah Fox
Roger Harrop - Former PSA President

Over 30,000 CEOs, business leaders in 50 countries have achieved transformational change through Roger’s thought-provoking and entertaining speeches and Masterclasses laced with real-life stories and humour.

He spent over 25 years leading international businesses, including a plc, which put him in a unique position to deal with present-day business challenges.

He is a former PSA President, FPSA, PSAE and Global Speaking Fellow. He is a twice Speaker of the Year with The Academy for Chief Executives and inducted into their Hall of Fame.
He’s a classic car enthusiast and mountain biker.

The venue

County Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne

County Hotel
Neville Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

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Benjamin  Drury

Regional President - North East | The Culture Guy

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PSA North East March 2023: From initial call to taking the stage and beyond

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County Hotel
Neville Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

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