PSA North East June 2023: The mental game of speaking

14 June|18:00 - 21:00|County Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne - See full address

About this event

We have two amazing speakers for  our event this June, helping us overcome the mental game of speaking.


Polly Brennan helps us pack our Mental Fitness Kitbag. Have you ever thought about the items you need in your toolkit to help you cope with whatever curveballs life throws your way?

Join Polly Brennan, outdoors enthusiast, mental fitness coach, and occupational therapist as she helps you to develop your own Mental Fitness Kitbag to support your wellbeing.


Victoria Flemming then helps us overcome our reticence to shout about ourselves and let people know the value we really offer. Sales freaks out a lot of speakers. Despite being speakers we can’t speak to people about how good we are, why the need us, and so on. That means we can’t sell ourselves.

Victoria’s going to take us through her process, step by step, so that there are no more excuses! We’ll have a system we can apply to our own gigs, to our products an books and we’ll be able to sell with less “ick”

Keynote speakers

Polly Brennan
Victoria Flemming
Polly Brennan

Polly Brennan, outdoors enthusiast, Occupational Therapist, and Mental Fitness Coach is the founder of Adventurous Coaching and the creator of The Mental Fitness Kitbag Model. Drawing on years of expertise working in the NHS mental health sector, her coaching programmes empower people to strengthen their mental wellbeing and pack their mental fitness kitbag. With coach Polly as your guide, you will develop the capabilities, practice skills, and tools to make your life your big adventure!

Victoria Flemming

With over 20 years of experience in leading tech sales success with businesses from start ups to FTSE 100 giants, Victoria Flemming specialises in delivering sales transformation. Using commercial insight to develop innovative sales strategies, she motivate entrepreneurs to deliver against ambitious targets and make sales ‘easy’ by working on the people, processes and sales methodology.

Event agenda

Polly Brennan
News & Events
Victoria Flemming
Takeaways & Wrap-Up

The venue

County Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne

County Hotel
Neville Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

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Benjamin  Drury

Regional President - North East | The Culture Guy

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PSA North East June 2023: The mental game of speaking

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County Hotel
Neville Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

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