PSA London June 2024: Let me tell you a story!

08 June|09:00 - 16:30|ETC Venues - Marble Arch - See full address

About this event

We all know that ‘everyone has their story’. The currency of impact and standing out as a speaker is authenticity, a level of vulnerability and that all important resonating connection with the audience.

How do we do that? Through the power of stories, OUR stories.

We have some amazing keynotes from some amazing speakers:

Rohit Talwar with The Future Deconstructed

By listening to Rohit’s talk, participants will learn;

  • How storytelling can be used to convey complex topics in an easily understandable manner to generalist audiences
  • An approach to designing a talk to take the audience on an emotional and intellectual journey
  • How to take participants from world changing brain breaking shifts to practical actions to help future proof their lives.

Steve Catchick with The Secret SalesForce, stand out and win sales through service (deconstructed)

By listening to Steve’s talk, participants will learn;

  • What it takes to stand out from your competitors.
  • The three archetypes present in every company, their behaviours, their mindsets and how it affects retention and sales.
  • How you can unwittingly turn customers away potentially losing 50-70% of your revenue overnight.
  • How to deconstruct a keynote.
Rachael Maunder will also share her keynote

By listening to Rachael, participants will learn;
  • What makes your story engaging:
  • How to craft your story for greatest engagement
  • How to deliver your story for maximum effect

Join us on June 8th for another action packed day with the theme of ‘let me tell you a story’ and continue your learning / development journey through the value brought to you by another line up of fabulous speakers, showcases, a guest speaker and another London special Power Networking session!


Keynote speakers

Rohit Talwar
Steve Catchick
Rachel Maunder
Rohit Talwar

Rohit is a global futurist, award-winning keynote speaker, author, and the CEO of Fast Future. He focuses on helping clients develop ‘ready for anything’ leadership that can understand and respond to critical forces and developments shaping the future. He explores themes ranging from geo-political and economic shifts through to sustainability, AI, and other disruptive technologies. His keynotes and immersive education sessions are tailored to the needs and context of the client organisation. In a 25 year+ speaking career, Rohit has delivered 2,000+ speeches to leadership audiences in 80+ countries, for rates from £100 to £30,000. He has co-authored and edited nine books on the emerging future.

Steve Catchick

Steve Catchick is the founder of The Secret Salesforce Programme and equips businesses to develop a team of Brand Ambassadors in order to drive engagement, reduce churn and contribute to profit.

He has been at the front line of customer service for over 25 years, mostly with technology companies. His award- winning customer service programme at IBM, contributed to a substantial increase in sales, customer satisfaction scores and a record high employee morale.

He speaks, coaches and runs masterclasses to business leaders and organisations such as IBM, Capita, DWP and SME’s on winning sales through service, managing difficult customers, high impact communication and presentation skills. Steve shows how everyone in an organisation is in some way, in sales, in service and should contribute to profit.

Steve is past Regional President of the PSA Thames Valley Region and a military veteran. Fun, friendly and engaging, when he’s not working, he can be found listening or dancing to Rock’n’Roll and Swing bands.

Rachel Maunder

One of Rachel’s first observations about successful speakers was they all seemed to have a powerful story to share.

Initially held back by a belief that she didn’t have a story to share, she set out on a path to see the value in her own stories and to find a way to bring ordinary everyday stories to her speaking and actively encourages and inspires others to do the same.

More recently she has added another dimension to her work around storytelling and speaks on the importance and impact of reframing failure as merely a chapter of our story.

In addition to the speaking side of her business, Rachel works with business professionals who want to increase their credibility by becoming more compelling communicators.

The venue

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Stephen Whitton

Regional President - PSA London

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