PSA London June 2023: Money, Money, Money

10 June|09:30 - 16:30|ETC Venues - Marble Arch - See full address

About this event

Money isn’t everything. Money can’t buy you love. But when you’re running a speaking
business, there’s no avoiding the significant part that money plays in helping your world go round.

That’s why the next in-person PSA London meeting is devoted to sharing ways in which you can ensure you get the maximum financial return for the speaking you do.

We’ve got two keynote talks from people with exceptional insight into the financial side of the speaking game, and I can promise you will leave with a batch of practical steps you can take to boost your bottom line.


Rohit Talwar – Forget About the Money – Focus on the Value

A lot of words get used up in sermons delivered across the professional speaking community about the sacred act of fee setting, the sanctity of minimum fees, and the existential dangers of speaking for free. The reality is that there are many forms of value we can derive from a speech beyond the financial. From access to audiences we might not be able to reach, through to platforms to try out new materials in a ‘safe space’ – we need to think about the wider strategic fit of any opportunity. In this session, Rohit will talk about assessing different forms of value, and how he has factored them into the development of his speaking business over the last 30 years.


We’ll also have an Ask The Expert session that will focus on the subject of “am I worthy of the money”, tackling that imposter syndrome when it appears. , as well as two

As ever, there will be plenty of opportunities to network with old friends and new, as
well as breakfast and an excellent hot lunch.

I’m really looking forward to the day, and I hope you are too – see you there! Queen Vic

Keynote speakers

Maria Franzoni
Sarah Fox
Caroline Flanagan
Sajna Rahman
Rohit Talwar
Maria Franzoni

Former International Speaker Bureau owner and founder of the Speaking Business Academy, a training company teaching speakers how to apply the strategies and systems used by speaker bureaus to grow their businesses.

Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox is a lawyer who is an expert in writing contracts in just 500 words.

Having spent years training people on complex contracts, she realised they were simply shoved in a drawer and nobody cared. So she’s leading a one-woman revolution for contracts that you can read, understand and use, whatever your line of business. Frankly, as no-one takes her seriously, she has had to write books to prove it actually can be done.

Caroline Flanagan
Caroline Flanagan is the Imposter Syndrome Coach for Lawyers. A woman of colour from a working-class background, Caroline learned how to succeed in a white, male, middle class world by making Imposter Syndrome her strength. She is a magic-circle trained former finance lawyer, a Certified Coach, an International Keynote Speaker, host of the Legal Imposters Podcast and author of “Be The First: People of Colour, Imposter Syndrome and the Struggle to Succeed in a White
World” (a Business Book Awards Finalist 2022).
Caroline’s mission is to increase diversity and inclusion in law by supporting minority individuals to know their value, contribute more of who they are and fulfil their true potential.
Caroline is also the proud mother of 4 boys.
Sajna Rahman

Sajna Rahman shows you how our existing beliefs determine how much we earn.

She shares the importance of why we need to do the internal work, how we can reframe the negative impostor feelings and confidently feel worthy of the money and create more.

Rohit Talwar

Rohit Talwar is an award winning futurist who has worked with leadership audiences in global businesses, governments, and associations at over 2,000 events in 70+ countries around the world.

Event agenda

Registration and Networking
Maria Franzoni "Show Me The Money"
Showcase time
Caroline Flanagan and Sajna Rahman "Am I worthy of the money"
Sarah Fox "Pay me the money"

The venue

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Vicky O'Farrell

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