PSA London 13th May 2023: Fill your diary, feed your family

13 May|09:30 - 16:30|PSA London - ETC Venues - Marble Arch - See full address

About this event

As well as May being our Speaker Booker Day, where several of our members apply and are selected to present to our panel of Speaker Bookers in the audience, we have an opening keynote from our immediate Past President, the wonderful Rachel Maunder, plus ask the expert Sean Weafer is over from Dublin to answer those questions on “How to win the opening keynotes”. PLUS David Avrin is over from the USA! He is going to keep the theme and share with us how he and his team, find the work, fill his diary and feed his family.

So if you want to know how to fill your diary, win the keynotes PLUS reframing your failure stories as a chapter of your success – THIS is the day for you.


Rachel Maunder – Reframing Your Failure as a Chapter of Your Success
It’s a pleasure to welcome back to the London stage Rachel, our immediate past president. Rachel encourages speakers to bring everyday stories to their work, and works with business professionals who want to increase their credibility by becoming more compelling communicators.
Rachel also challenges her audience to reframe their challenges and failures as a step on the road to the top. She says that, far from being something to hide away, such setbacks can be reclassified – and be just as much a chapter of your success as the shiny good bits.
Owning and sharing your vulnerability, she will argue, adds to your relatability far more than it detracts.


David Avrin – How I Built My Business – And You Can Too
David, a Global Speaking Fellow, says the reason why most speakers leave the profession is that they don’t have a business behind their speaking – or effective marketing behind their message.
In what promises to be a candid and actionable session, David will dispel numerous myths that plague our profession, like the one about making a difference to just one person.
He will reveal the marketing and sales tactics his team uses to keep his calendar full – and his family fed.


Ask The Expert – Sean Weafer – How To Win Those Opening Keynotes
For many speakers, it’s the promised land – the thought of being invited to fill that prestigious first slot and address a fresh and enthusiastic audience.
Sean is a leadership coach and mentor who specialises in sales and leadership communication. He’ll give insights and practical suggestions that will help you in your efforts to move up the speaking ladder.



  • Steve Lindsey, National Sales Conference
  • Sam Oddie, Vistage
  • Amanda Rosewarne, CPD Standards
  • Nick Gold, Speakers Corner
  • Peter Lynagh – ABLE
  • Bob Bradley – MD2MD


The first 15 SUPER early bird tickets have the chance to win one of the 1 minute slots (you get 1 minute on stage to tell us anything you. lie, pitch, tell a poem, update us – its your minute). Don’t delay, book yours now!

Keynote speakers

David Avrin
Sean Weafer
Rachel Maunder
David Avrin

Over the past 20 years, David Avrin has shared his insightful lessons on competitive advantage with leaders and teams from thousands of organization across North America and in 24 countries around the world, including recent presentations in: Singapore, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, London, Manila, Sydney, Barcelona, Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka, Johannesburg and Dubai.

David is the author of 5 books including the acclaimed: It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You, Why Customers Leave and How to Win Them Back And his newest customer experience book: The Morning Huddle.

Sean Weafer

Sean Weafer is a leadership and sales enablement professional who works with corporate leaders and sales teams.

He is an accomplished international speaker having spoken globally from Malaysia to Canada. He is the author of several books on communications, leadership and coaching.

He is a former Fellow of the PSA UKI, is a current PSAE, has main staged for the PSA UKI main convention on three separate occasions. Uniquely, he has also been the opening keynote speaker and the closing keynote speaker at two separate Global Speaker Summits.

Rachel Maunder

One of Rachel’s first observations about successful speakers was they all seemed to have a powerful story to share.

Initially held back by a belief that she didn’t have a story to share, she set out on a path to see the value in her own stories and to find a way to bring ordinary everyday stories to her speaking and actively encourages and inspires others to do the same.

More recently she has added another dimension to her work around storytelling and speaks on the importance and impact of reframing failure as merely a chapter of our story.

In addition to the speaking side of her business, Rachel works with business professionals who want to increase their credibility by becoming more compelling communicators.

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PSA London 13th May 2023: Fill your diary, feed your family

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