PSA Ireland 25th March 2023: Mastering Mindset – The Art of Reframe

25 March|09:30 - 13:00|Online - Zoom - See full address

About this event


This month at PSA Ireland sees a return to Zoom for our monthly event.


Members section
This month the member’s section will be very interactive. We have William Redpath from Manabu Learning join us who will facilitate a very interactive game.


10:45 am – 11:45am
We are pleased to have Nikki Bush join us as she delivers a talk entitled, “Reframing Disruption”. We will also have an opportunity to ask questions.

Disruption comes in many forms. This presentation acknowledges the fear and unease you may be feeling as result of the many changes you are dealing with from the global pandemic, to work from home, virtual and hybrid speaking and more. In this very personal and relatable presentation Nikki Bush, Human Potential and Parenting Expert, will share her story to help you reframe where you find yourself right now and regain perspective in these challenging times.

This acclaimed, moving and high impact presentation will reset your mind and shift your heart around issues of loss of certainty, loss of control, grief and even feelings of guilt. You will walk away with frameworks, coping mechanisms and useful resources to help you to continue to win at work and life no matter what life throws at you. Everyone is asking how to future-proof themselves in these uncertain times. This talk will give you some of the keys.

Some of the takeaways will be:

  • Frameworks for reframing any kind of disruption
  • How to turn full stop moments in your life into commas to keep perspective
  • Lessons for holding your worth as a speaker and being less negotiable


12 Noon – 1:00pm
We have two special showcases for you:

Aisling O’ Rourke
Title: In this new era, TRUST is the currency

Louise Lally
Title: 5 Steps to Grow Your Retail Sales

Keynote speakers

Nikki Bush

The venue

Online – Zoom

Online Zoom

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Andrew Dobbin

Regional President - Ireland

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PSA Ireland 25th March 2023: Mastering Mindset – The Art of Reframe

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