PSA East Midlands November 2023: The Principles of Profitable Professional Speaking

01 November|17:45 - 21:00|The Jubilee Hotel - Nottingham - See full address

About this event

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There are many key elements that are needed if you want to succeed as a professional speaker and we are going to cover two key elements at our November event; Profit and Storytelling.

If you want to understand how to build a profitable professional speaking business that consistently delivers a healthy six-figure profit year after year, then there are some powerful principles that you must know and Simon is going to share them with us in his session entitled: The Principles of Profitable Professional Speaking.


Our first speaker of the evening is one of our local members and PSA Fellow, Simon Hazeldine. Simon will be sharing everything he’s learned over the last 12 years of building and running his speaking business.

Simon is going to help us save time, money, lost opportunities and frustration by sharing the lessons he’s learned along his journey from being an employee in a large corporate company (with a dream of being a professional speaker) to the current day where he has been paid to speak in over thirty countries.


Our second speaker is the brilliant Rachel Maunder will be giving us a fresh insightful angle on storytelling as a means of bridging the gap between you, the expert in your field, and your audience, who listen to learn. We’re excited to welcome Rachel who was also a past Regional President of PSA London.

Her keynote is entitled “Bridging the gap through storytelling” and you can expect to leave this session having, knowing or with:

  • How that gap occurs and what can happen if you fail to build the bridge.
  • How to be strategic with your storytelling as a means of bridging that gap.
  • How being strategic with your storytelling benefits you as well as your audience.


We will also have two showcase speakers who will be delivering a 10 minute segment of their talk to the group for feedback.

Delivering a showcase is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring and experienced speakers to practise, try new material and gain feedback from a group of peers. If you’d like to deliver a showcase at the East Midlands region please contact Charlie at [email protected]

Keynote speakers

Simon Hazeldine
Rachel Maunder
Simon Hazeldine

Simon Hazeldine works internationally as a keynote and conference speaker, sales transformation consultant and as a sales and negotiation trainer.
He has spoken in over thirty countries and his client list includes some of the world’s largest and most successful companies.
Simon has a master’s degree in psychology, is the bestselling author of eight books that have been endorsed by a host of business leaders including multi-billionaire business legend Michael Dell and is co-founder of the UK’s leading sales podcast “The Sales Chat Show”.

Rachel Maunder

One of Rachel’s first observations about successful speakers was they all seemed to have a powerful story to share.

Initially held back by a belief that she didn’t have a story to share, she set out on a path to see the value in her own stories and to find a way to bring ordinary everyday stories to her speaking and actively encourages and inspires others to do the same.

More recently she has added another dimension to her work around storytelling and speaks on the importance and impact of reframing failure as merely a chapter of our story.

In addition to the speaking side of her business, Rachel works with business professionals who want to increase their credibility by becoming more compelling communicators.

Event agenda

Networking & Buffet Dinner
Welcome and Introductions
Showcase Speaker: Mark Saxby
Showcase Speaker: Heather McLellan
Showcase Feedback
Quick Break
Keynote Talk: Simon Hazeldine The Principles of Profitable Professional Speaking
Quick Break
Keynote Talk: Rachel Maunder Bridging the gap through storytelling
Event Takeaways & Upcoming Events
Event Close

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Charlie Whyman

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PSA East Midlands November 2023: The Principles of Profitable Professional Speaking

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