PSA East Midlands May 2024: Amplifying Your Authentic Power

01 May|18:00 - 21:00|The Village Hotel - Nottingham - See full address

About this event

Prepare to be invigorated, inspired, and infused with groundbreaking insights at our next Professional Speaking Association event. We’re rolling out the red carpet for an evening of eloquence and empowerment, featuring two of the UK’s most influential and dynamic female speakers: Penny Haslam and Heather Wright.

Dive deep into what it takes to be super confident with Penny Haslam, a top-rated, award-winning motivational speaker. With an illustrious career in broadcasting, spanning Radio 4 and 5Live to BBC Breakfast and rolling News Channel, Penny brings her wealth of experience straight to you.

She’s been a professional speaker for 10 years in which time she has dramatically transformed her offering and the way she does business. As the author of two pivotal business books, she’s ready to share her secrets with you. Don’t miss the chance to power up your confidence as a speaker, under Penny’s expert guidance.

Get ready for a jolt of Heather Wright’s boundless energy and profound insights on the psychology of influence. Known for her captivating presentations and life-changing workshops, Heather’s sessions are nothing short of transformative. Her journey from martial arts master to marathon runner exemplifies her incredible drive and dedication, qualities she brings to every speech and workshop.

Keynote speakers

Penny Haslam
Heather Wright
Penny Haslam

Penny Haslam is an award-winning speaker, coach and trainer on the subjects of Communication and Confidence.

Her business, Bit Famous, develops the communication capability and confidence of leaders and emerging talent in some of the world’s largest organisations, particularly in technology and finance sectors.

Heather Wright

Heather has made it her mission to learn as much as she can about the psychology of influence and translates this into accessible content, delivered in a way that changes lives.

She’s an inspirational speaker and facilitator delivering speeches and workshops to public services and large multinational companies in the UK and across the globe. Heather has an excellent reputation for her professionalism and pragmatism and she has enough energy to run a small power station!

Event agenda

Networking Buffet Dinner
Showcase Speaker
Penny Haslam
Heather Wright
Event Close

The venue

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Rachael Edmondson-Clarke

Regional President - PSA East Midlands

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PSA East Midlands May 2024: Amplifying Your Authentic Power

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