PSA East Midlands March 2024: Stand Out, Connect, and Master: Elevating Your Speaking Presence

06 March|18:00 - 21:00|The Village Hotel - Nottingham - See full address

About this event

In a world where being just good isn’t good enough, it’s time to elevate your game and truly stand out! Join us for an empowering event where you’ll not only discover your unique spark but learn how to shine it so brightly that you can’t help but stand apart.

 “Stand Out – or Stand Aside!” – with Chantal Cornelius 

Our remarkable National President, Chantal Cornelius, brings her marketing wizardry to the forefront in her keynote. Dive deep into why blending in is the fastest path to obscurity, especially for speakers. Forget the old playbook of marketing; Chantal will unveil strategies that resonate with who you are, ensuring you’re seen, heard, and remembered.

Mastering Masterminding – with William Buist 

William Buist, a connoisseur of collaboration and strategic thinking, invites you to master the art of masterminding. It’s not just about expertise; it’s about leveraging collective wisdom to propel your mastery to new heights. Discover the structure, the power of facilitation, and the art of actionable advice within mastermind groups. This session isn’t just about theory; it’s a hands-on opportunity to experience the transformative power of well-run masterminds.

Mastermind Mastery 

Beyond insights, we’re creating a vibrant space for you to engage, share, and brainstorm with fellow speaking professionals. It’s a golden opportunity to translate insights into actionable strategies that will mark your presence and make you the difference in your business this year.

Why Attend? 

  • Elevate Your Presence: Learn from Chantal Cornelius about carving out a niche that’s unmistakably yours.
  • Deep Dive into Masterminding: William Buist will guide you through mastering the art of mastermind groups, enhancing your professional journey with the power of collective insight.
  • Engage and Connect: Build lasting relationships with peers, diving deep into sessions that promise real growth.
  • Exclusive Insights: Discover how the PSA can be your catalyst for change, supporting your journey to becoming a master in your field.

Ready to Stand Strong? 

If you’re ready to leave the sidelines, to not just participate but dominate in your field, this event is your launchpad. Let’s stand strong together, embracing our unique talents and forging paths that others will aspire to follow.

Join us. It’s time to “Stand Out – or Stand Aside!”


Please note our new location for this event: The Village Hotel, Nottingham, NG9 6DL

Keynote speakers

Chantal Cornelius
FPSA – National President 2023-2024
William Buist
Chantal Cornelius - FPSA – National President 2023-2024

Chantal Cornelius established Appletree Marketing in 2000 and has helped hundreds of coaches, consultants and speakers to grow their businesses.

She provides simple, practical, down to earth advice to help businesses grow. She’s written two books on marketing and business survival. She’s working on her third, to show businesses how to stand out in a competitive industry, using emotional connections in their marketing, to build relationships with their clients.

Chantal is a Fellow of the PSA. She was the Marketing Director for the PSA for four years and is now our National President. She lives in the UK, working and speaking around the world.

William Buist

William is a mentor to business leaders and the author of the book, Intentional Mastery. He specialises in guiding his clients along the journey to mastery so that they can deliver consistently excellent value to their clients. William is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA UK) who speaks on building better business and intentional mastery.
William is committed to lifelong learning; he’s a keen photographer and skier and enjoys walking.

Event agenda

Buffet, drinks and networking
Showcase Speaker
Chantal Cornelius: Keynote and Q&A
William Buist: Mastery in Masterminding
Event Close

The venue

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Rachael Edmondson-Clarke

Regional President - PSA East Midlands

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PSA East Midlands March 2024: Stand Out, Connect, and Master: Elevating Your Speaking Presence

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