PSA East Midlands June 2023: Stand out, shine and set yourself up for authentic, enjoyable success

07 June|18:00 - 21:00|The Jubilee Hotel - Nottingham - See full address

About this event

As speakers, we all believe we have an important message to share and effect positive change. The problem is that so does everyone else, and we either struggle to get the speaking engagements we crave or get stuck either charging too little or, worse still, working for nothing in the hope someone will spot our genius and we’ll suddenly be transformed into Professional Speakers with full diaries and bulging bank accounts.


Our first speaker is the brilliant Shelley Bridgman who will be sharing her talk: “How to stand out AND SHINE in a noisy, crowded world”.

After hearing Shelley’s session, the term WWW will mean something different to the World Wide Web and you can go away with the tools you need to become a sought after Speaker or of you already are, can charge higher fees.

Are you also driving hard to get results in your business and personal life, but concerned about the price you’re paying with your health, relationships and wellbeing? If your work feels like a relentless race, you may be following a route map to success that is fundamentally flawed. But there is another way – a kinder, more humane way – one that can help you achieve and contribute as much if not more.


Our second speaker of the evening is the wonderful Kate Trafford who will be sharing her talk entitled: A Goal with Soul: How to set yourself up for authentic, enjoyable success

In this inspiring and interactive workshop session, you will discover;

  • The three keys to turning your relentless race into a truly authentic adventure
  • Your most meaningful and energising ‘destination’ for your business and yourself, your goal with soul
  • Insights into your unique zone of genius – who you are being when at your brilliant best
  • How to keep burnout at bay, and still make progress like a pro!


This month’s showcase speaker will be delivering their 10 minute talk to the group for feedback. This month Carol Benton will be talking to us about From ‘What’ to ‘So What’ – why your customers are NOT interested in your technology.


Delivering a showcase is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring and experienced speakers to practise, try new material and gain feedback from a group of peers. If you’d like to deliver a showcase at the East Midlands region please contact Charlie at [email protected]

Keynote speakers

Shelley Bridgman
Kate Trafford
Shelley Bridgman

Diversity Thinker, Author & a winner in the European Court of Justice

There are speakers who have led a conventional life, then there are those with experiences beyond the routine and Shelley is certainly among the latter. She has been a media commentator specialising in psychotherapy, psychology, and Coaching with appearances on BBC Television, Sky News, Channel 4 and 5 as well Radio 4’s “Woman’s Hour” “Midweek” and the “Jeremy Vine Show” on Radio 2. She has also featured in “Psychologies,” and “Therapy Today” magazines.

Shelley’s mission is to empower a new breed of Entrepreneur or Leader committed to affecting positive sustainable change in the world they inhabit.

As a Speaker, Shelley’s principal topics include Transformational Change, Diversity Thinking & Developing a Fearless Mindset.

Shelley’s TEDX talk “Dare to be You” was described as “Brilliant, brave & sensational!”

Kate Trafford

Kate Trafford is a Master Coach, author and Fellow of the PSA, with over 20 years experience in personal and leadership development. She is author of Get There, Love Here!

Kate helps busy professionals drive for their dreams and love the journey!

Event agenda

Doors Open
A chance to network over a bite to eat
Showcase Speaker - Carol Benton
Showcase Feedback
Keynote Speaker - Shelley Bridgman
Another opportunity to network or take a quick break
Keynote Speaker - Kate Trafford
Speaker Masterminding
Event Close

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Charlie Whyman

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PSA East Midlands June 2023: Stand out, shine and set yourself up for authentic, enjoyable success

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